Patch 8.2 Pet News!

Patch 8.2: Rise of Azshara is the second major content patch of Battle for Azeroth, and opens up two large quest zones: Mechagon, kingdom of the mechagnomes, and Nazjatar, capital city of the naga. As expected, the patch introduces a number of new semi-aquatic pets, including spider crabs, snapdragons and tide guardians. There are also at least two new colours of mechanowolf, but we're yet to find any that are tameable.

Family name change: Nether Rays are now 'Rays'

With the introduction of fathom rays in Patch 8.2, the Nether Ray family has been rebranded to simply 'Rays'. While the new additions hail from the depths of the ocean rather than the nether, they can glide through the air like the rest of their kindred.

Family: Crabs

Model: Spider Crabs

A fascinating, spiny new crab model, bringing greater diversity to the family. Most of the spider crabs in 8.2 can be found in the north-west regions of Nazjatar - around Chitterspine Caverns, Chitterspine Grotto and Brinestone Cove.

Tameable appearances

Model: Hermit Crabs

Four brightly-coloured, new hermit crab shells are coming in 8.2. These bring the total possible number of hermit crab look combinations to 176 (most of which are not yet in the game)! Most of the new hermit crabs can be found around the Dragon's Teeth Basin and Coral Forest sections of Nazjatar, roughly extending from the centre of the zone to slightly east.

Tameable appearances

Possibly untameable appearances

These looks have not yet been found on tameable creatures, but we may have missed something. Please let us know if you find one you can tame!

Model: Crabs

A number of previously-unavailable crab colours are coming in 8.2, including magenta/pink, bright green-purple and four exotic gem crabs.

Tameable appearances

Family: Rays

Model: Fathom Rays

Members of the renamed Ray family, fathom rays are at home both in the air and underwater. They can be found flying high over most of Nazjatar, but check their individual looks pages for specific locations.

Tameable appearances

Family: Lizards

Model: Snapdragons

These amphibious lizard-like creatures are employed by the naga as savage beasts of war. They had not previously been seen since Warcraft III. In Nazjatar most can be found in the south-east of the zone, around Nar'anan and Kal'methir, though some are also found to the north-west, in Zanj'ir Terrace.

Tameable appearances

Family: Worms

Model: Tidal Worms

These spectacular, electrified worms, commonly known as Tidal Guardians, previously served as naga units in Warcraft III. Making their World of Warcraft debut in Patch 8.2, they can mostly be found in the north-west of Nazjatar - around Chitterspine Caverns.

Tameable appearances

Family: Hydras

Model: Thunder Hydras

First seen in Draenor, this hydra appears in three great new colours in 8.2. These can all be found patrolling Ashen Strand, in the west of Nazjatar.

Tameable appearances

Family: Devilsaurs

Model: Armoured Devilsaurs

Tameable appearances

Family: Direhorns

Model: Armoured Direhorns

Tameable appearances

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