Onyx & Emerald Crab

There are 2 tameable creatures with this look.

Onyx & Emerald Crab


Can Be Tamed
Drowned Lands, Stormsong Valley
Retains its original name after taming.
In a cave. Has a purple smog effect.
Can Be Tamed
This NPC may appear in a number of different locations within the zone, including Lemor'athra Spire (south-west edge, by a fallen tower), Coral Forest (south of Ekka's Hideaway), Elun'Alor Temple (in the building to the east, close to the Horde flightmaster Gizzik Kelpears), Ashen Strand (just north-west of the Horde Flight Point), Kal'methir, and Highborne Estates. It will randomly appear in one of five gemstone colours each time, and if you're unlucky it could take a while to find the look you're after. Fortunately it appears to spawn frequently.
** Creatures in Zandalar (Zuldazar, Nazmir, Vol'dun) do not scale for Alliance hunters, and creatures in Kul Tiras (Tiragarde Sound, Drustvar, Stormsong Valley) do not scale for Horde hunters, except in defined war campaign areas. Outside these areas they will always appear level 120 but can be tamed when the hunter is level 118. * If a creature's level is noted as 'Scales' then it will vary with the Hunter's level within the constraints of its level range.

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