Patch 8.1: Tides of Vengeance Pet News!

Patch 8.1 brings a hoard of new pets, including a fantastic yet horrifying new family - Blood Beasts, as well as updated Tallstrider appearances, and a huge number of fantastic beast colours that were untameable at BfA launch. Click (or mouse over) individual looks to see the new tameable beasts.

Other pet updates / fixes in Patch 8.1

Family: Blood Beasts - NEW

This exciting and creepy new family is composed of Crawgs and Blood Ticks. They're specialized in Tenacity and have a slowing ability - Blood Bolt - which puts them into a similar functional category to Crabs. To learn how to tame Blood Beasts, you must obtain a Blood-Soaked Tome of Dark Whispers. This book is now a guaranteed drop from Zul in the Uldir raid on Normal Mode or above (i.e. not LFR). Once you learn the tome on one hunter you can tame Blood Beasts with any hunter on your account.

Model: Crawgs

The corrupted spawn of the toad loa Krag'wa, perhaps you can redeem one of these ugly beauties!

Tameable appearances

Model: Blood Ticks

These savage, flying ticks are the popular companions of Blood Troll hunters.

Tameable appearances

Family: Pterrordaxes

Model: Pterrordaxes

All of these gorgeous pterrordax colours have existed since BfA launched, but were untameable until now.

Tameable appearances

Model: Skyscreamers

This much loved Pandaria pterrordax is finally available, in all of its glorious colours!

Tameable appearances

Family: Tallstriders

Model: Tallstriders

A lovely update to the tallstrider, this model will replace the original in Patch 8.1. See the 8.1 Updated Pet Models Page for a side-by-side comparison of the classic looks and their updates.

Tameable appearances

Family: Coursers

Model: Dreamrunners

Somber Dawn brings a beautifully wicked taming option to dreamrunners.

Tameable appearances

Model: Zhevras

Old world counterparts to dreamrunners, these magnificent beasts are finally tameable in Patch 8.1!

Tameable appearances

Family: Serpents

Model: Eel-Serpents

This elegant teal 'eel' is tameable in Patch 8.1.

Tameable appearances

Model: Giant Cobras

Black, green and red cobras are available.

Tameable appearances

Family: Riverbeasts

Model: Stocky Riverbeasts

Three more colours of riverbeast are tameable, including pink!

Tameable appearances

Family: Crabs

Model: Hermit Crabs

Tameable appearances

Model: Spiked Crabs

Tameable appearances

Family: Cats

Model: Grand Nightsabers

Two colours of this gorgeous new saber-toothed cat model are tameable in the new Darkshore warfront.

Tameable appearances

Family: Mechanicals

Model: Mechanical Tigers

This Terminator-esque mechanotiger is finally tameable in Patch 8.1.

Tameable appearances

Model: Mechanowolves

The tamability of this orange sentry robot in Patch 8.1 means that all colours of mechanowolf are now available.

Tameable appearances

Family: Raptors

Model: Saurids

The remaining saurid colours - yellow and rich purple - are finally available.

Tameable appearances

Family: Wolves

Model: Maned Wolves

The stormy-blue Son of Xolotal will surely become a new hunter favourite.

Tameable appearances

Model: Saddled Worgs

The old-school Horde worg is becoming available in a new colour! Sadly only to Alliance, however. Hopefully a Horde source will become available in the future.

Tameable appearances

Family: Carapids

Model: Krolusks

This blue krolusk was the only colour unavailable prior to Patch 8.1.

Tameable appearances

Family: Boars

Model: Greater Boars

This boar retains spears in its hide, but we haven't generated a proper image for it yet.

Tameable appearances

Family: Birds of Prey

Model: Hawks

The Mountain Hawk in Stormsong Valley is switching to this lovely colour in Patch 8.1. On live it uses the condor model, which didn't fit its name.

Tameable appearances

Family: Toads

Model: Dire Toads

Our first ever tame of a Krag'wa like toad!

Tameable appearances

Family: Wasps

Model: Wasps

With this orange hornet becoming tameable in Patch 8.1, all colours of the new wasp model are now available

Tameable appearances

Family: Gorillas - NO NEW TAMEABLE LOOKS

Model: Savage Gorillas

Possibly untameable appearances

These looks have not yet been found on tameable creatures, but we may have missed something. Please let us know if you find one you can tame!

Returning appearances

Great news! Karkin is reverting to its original appearance in Patch 8.1! While it could have been updated to the new Onyx & Ruby look, the designers decided to switch it back to the older appearance, which isn't as high definition but is much glossier!

Karkin appearance reversion.

Changing families

A number of creatures which started out this expansion using the wrong family for their model have been corrected in Patch 8.1. Most notably ravens are now all Carrion Birds, and parrots and (almost all) albatrosses are now Birds of Prey.

Carrion Birds ➡ Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey ➡ Carrion Birds

Silithids ➡ Wasps