Pollen-Coated Swarmer

Can be tamed.

Family:Blood Beast
Zone:Nazmir; Vol'dun; Zuldazar
Requires Blood Beast Taming.Required Skill: Blood Beast Taming
You must learn the skill to tame Blood Beasts, which is taught by a Blood-Soaked Tome of Dark Whispers, a guaranteed drop from Zul in the Uldir raid on Normal Mode or above (i.e. not LFR). Once learned, this skill is account-wide.
Location & Notes:

Located in Nazmir; Vol'dun; Zuldazar. There is a chance this blood tick will spawn when players with the herbalism profession gather Siren's Song in any of the zones of Zandalar. It's unconfirmed, but possible, that you have to have reached at least Rank 2 in Siren's Song gathering for it to spawn.