Blood Crawg

Can be tamed by Horde hunters only.

Family:Blood Beast
Requires Blood Beast Taming.Required Skill: Blood Beast Taming
You must learn the skill to tame Blood Beasts, which is taught by a Blood-Soaked Tome of Dark Whispers, a guaranteed drop from Zul in the Uldir raid on Normal Mode or above (i.e. not LFR). Once learned, this skill is account-wide.
Location & Notes:

Located in Blood Gate, Zuldazar. Blood Crawgs with this ID appear during the Horde-only phased quest, Zandalar Forever!. You have to dismount to tame it. To be eligible for this quest you have to complete the quest chains for all three zones of Zandalar and then complete the Bulwark of Torcali quest in Zuldazar.