Gallery of Pets: Looks You Can Tame

Black Basilisk w/Blue FringesBlack Basilisk w/Blue Fringes Black Basilisk w/Jade FringesBlack Basilisk w/Jade Fringes Black Basilisk w/Orange FringesBlack Basilisk w/Orange Fringes Black Basilisk w/Purple FringesBlack Basilisk w/Purple Fringes
Blue Basilisk w/Blue FringesBlue Basilisk w/Blue Fringes Blue Basilisk w/Jade FringesBlue Basilisk w/Jade Fringes Blue Basilisk w/Orange FringesBlue Basilisk w/Orange Fringes Blue Basilisk w/Purple FringesBlue Basilisk w/Purple Fringes
Burgundy Basilisk w/Blue FringesBurgundy Basilisk w/Blue Fringes Burgundy Basilisk w/Jade FringesBurgundy Basilisk w/Jade Fringes Burgundy Basilisk w/Orange FringesBurgundy Basilisk w/Orange Fringes Burgundy Basilisk w/Purple FringesBurgundy Basilisk w/Purple Fringes
Green Basilisk w/Blue FringesGreen Basilisk w/Blue Fringes Green Basilisk w/Jade FringesGreen Basilisk w/Jade Fringes Green Basilisk w/Orange FringesGreen Basilisk w/Orange Fringes Green Basilisk w/Purple FringesGreen Basilisk w/Purple Fringes
Orange-Purple Basilisk w/Blue FringesOrange-Purple Basilisk w/Blue Fringes Orange-Purple Basilisk w/Jade FringesOrange-Purple Basilisk w/Jade Fringes Orange-Purple Basilisk w/Orange FringesOrange-Purple Basilisk w/Orange Fringes Orange-Purple Basilisk w/Purple FringesOrange-Purple Basilisk w/Purple Fringes
Purple Basilisk w/Blue FringesPurple Basilisk w/Blue Fringes Red Basilisk w/Blue FringesRed Basilisk w/Blue Fringes Red Basilisk w/Jade FringesRed Basilisk w/Jade Fringes Red Basilisk w/Orange FringesRed Basilisk w/Orange Fringes
Red Basilisk w/Purple FringesRed Basilisk w/Purple Fringes White Basilisk w/Blue FringesWhite Basilisk w/Blue Fringes White Basilisk w/Jade FringesWhite Basilisk w/Jade Fringes White Basilisk w/Orange FringesWhite Basilisk w/Orange Fringes
White Basilisk w/Purple FringesWhite Basilisk w/Purple Fringes Yellow Basilisk w/Blue FringesYellow Basilisk w/Blue Fringes Yellow Basilisk w/Jade FringesYellow Basilisk w/Jade Fringes Yellow Basilisk w/Orange FringesYellow Basilisk w/Orange Fringes
Yellow Basilisk w/Purple FringesYellow Basilisk w/Purple Fringes Green Outland BasiliskGreen Outland Basilisk Purple Outland BasiliskPurple Outland Basilisk Red Outland BasiliskRed Outland Basilisk
Yellow Outland BasiliskYellow Outland Basilisk Brown BatBrown Bat Ghostly Tan BatGhostly Tan Bat Purple-Red BatPurple-Red Bat
Tan BatTan Bat White BatWhite Bat Black BearBlack Bear Brown BearBrown Bear
Dark Brown BearDark Brown Bear Grey BearGrey Bear White BearWhite Bear Diseased Black BearDiseased Black Bear
Diseased Brown BearDiseased Brown Bear Diseased Dark Brown BearDiseased Dark Brown Bear Diseased Grey BearDiseased Grey Bear Diseased White BearDiseased White Bear
Black BeetleBlack Beetle Blue BeetleBlue Beetle Brown BeetleBrown Beetle Green BeetleGreen Beetle
Orange BeetleOrange Beetle Purple BeetlePurple Beetle Red BeetleRed Beetle White BeetleWhite Beetle
Yellow BeetleYellow Beetle Blue-Green Scarab BeetleBlue-Green Scarab Beetle Brown Scarab BeetleBrown Scarab Beetle Dark Blue Scarab BeetleDark Blue Scarab Beetle
Green & Red Scarab BeetleGreen & Red Scarab Beetle Light Blue Scarab BeetleLight Blue Scarab Beetle Purple-Red Scarab BeetlePurple-Red Scarab Beetle Black OwlBlack Owl
Brown OwlBrown Owl Dark Brown OwlDark Brown Owl Ghostly Green OwlGhostly Green Owl Green OwlGreen Owl
Grey OwlGrey Owl Purple OwlPurple Owl Red & Purple OwlRed & Purple Owl Red OwlRed Owl
Sapphire OwlSapphire Owl Spectral OwlSpectral Owl White OwlWhite Owl Bald EagleBald Eagle
Brown EagleBrown Eagle Light Brown EagleLight Brown Eagle White EagleWhite Eagle Blue ParrotBlue Parrot
Brown ParrotBrown Parrot Dark Red ParrotDark Red Parrot Green & Red ParrotGreen & Red Parrot Green & Yellow ParrotGreen & Yellow Parrot
Grey ParrotGrey Parrot Purple ParrotPurple Parrot Red ParrotRed Parrot White ParrotWhite Parrot
Black HawkBlack Hawk Brown HawkBrown Hawk Gold Condor (Bird of Prey)Gold Condor (Bird of Prey) Raven (Bird of Prey)Raven (Bird of Prey)
SeagullSeagull Undead EagleUndead Eagle Black BoarBlack Boar Brown BoarBrown Boar
Ghostly Undead BoarGhostly Undead Boar Grey BoarGrey Boar Red BoarRed Boar Undead BoarUndead Boar
Yellow BoarYellow Boar Armored Black BoarArmored Black Boar Armored Brown BoarArmored Brown Boar Armored Brown Ghost BoarArmored Brown Ghost Boar
Armored Grey BoarArmored Grey Boar Black & Green FelboarBlack & Green Felboar Blue & White FelboarBlue & White Felboar Grey & Orange FelboarGrey & Orange Felboar
Red & Black FelboarRed & Black Felboar Yellow & Black FelboarYellow & Black Felboar Blue VultureBlue Vulture Brown VultureBrown Vulture
Ghostly Blue VultureGhostly Blue Vulture Red VultureRed Vulture VultureVulture White VultureWhite Vulture
Blue CondorBlue Condor Gold CondorGold Condor White CondorWhite Condor Ghostly Blue Two-Headed VultureGhostly Blue Two-Headed Vulture
Ghostly White Two-Headed VultureGhostly White Two-Headed Vulture Ghostly Yellow Two-Headed VultureGhostly Yellow Two-Headed Vulture Two-headed Blue VultureTwo-headed Blue Vulture Two-Headed Green VultureTwo-Headed Green Vulture
Two-Headed Red VultureTwo-Headed Red Vulture Two-Headed White VultureTwo-Headed White Vulture Two-Headed Yellow VulturesTwo-Headed Yellow Vultures Raven (Carrion)Raven (Carrion)
Black CatBlack Cat Black Spotted CatBlack Spotted Cat Black Striped CatBlack Striped Cat Brown CatBrown Cat
Dark Striped CatDark Striped Cat Green Striped CatGreen Striped Cat Ice CatIce Cat Orange Spotted CatOrange Spotted Cat
Orange Striped CatOrange Striped Cat White CatWhite Cat White Ghost CatWhite Ghost Cat White Spotted CatWhite Spotted Cat
White Striped CatWhite Striped Cat Aqua Saber CatAqua Saber Cat Black Saber CatBlack Saber Cat Dark Striped Saber CatDark Striped Saber Cat
Ice Saber CatIce Saber Cat Lavender Saber CatLavender Saber Cat Orange Spotted Saber CatOrange Spotted Saber Cat Orange Striped Saber CatOrange Striped Saber Cat
White Saber CatWhite Saber Cat White Spotted Saber CatWhite Spotted Saber Cat White Striped Saber CatWhite Striped Saber Cat Brown LynxBrown Lynx
Red LynxRed Lynx Black LionBlack Lion Gold LionGold Lion Hunched LionessHunched Lioness
LionessLioness Maned LionManed Lion White LionWhite Lion Hunched Black CatHunched Black Cat
Hunched Black Gem CatHunched Black Gem Cat Hunched Black Spotted CatHunched Black Spotted Cat Hunched Black Striped CatHunched Black Striped Cat Hunched Brown CatHunched Brown Cat
Hunched Green Striped CatHunched Green Striped Cat Hunched Jade CatHunched Jade Cat Hunched Orange Spotted CatHunched Orange Spotted Cat Hunched Orange Striped CatHunched Orange Striped Cat
Hunched White Spotted CatHunched White Spotted Cat Hunched White Striped CatHunched White Striped Cat Black Pandaren TigerBlack Pandaren Tiger Brown Pandaren TigerBrown Pandaren Tiger
Green Pandaren TigerGreen Pandaren Tiger Grey Pandaren TigerGrey Pandaren Tiger Orange Pandaren TigerOrange Pandaren Tiger Orange Pandaren Tiger w/Pink NoseOrange Pandaren Tiger w/Pink Nose
Red Pandaren TigerRed Pandaren Tiger White Pandaren TigerWhite Pandaren Tiger Beige ChimaeraBeige Chimaera Brown ChimaeraBrown Chimaera
Green ChimaeraGreen Chimaera White ChimaeraWhite Chimaera Green Armored ChimaeraGreen Armored Chimaera Purple Armored ChimaeraPurple Armored Chimaera
White Armored ChimaeraWhite Armored Chimaera Yellow Armored ChimaeraYellow Armored Chimaera DrakeadonDrakeadon Green Core HoundGreen Core Hound
Grey Core HoundGrey Core Hound Red Core HoundRed Core Hound Yellow & Green Core HoundYellow & Green Core Hound Blue CrabBlue Crab
Bronze CrabBronze Crab Gem CrabGem Crab Red CrabRed Crab White CrabWhite Crab
Black Deep Sea CrabBlack Deep Sea Crab Black w/Blue Deep Sea CrabBlack w/Blue Deep Sea Crab Black w/Purple Deep Sea CrabBlack w/Purple Deep Sea Crab Blue Deep Sea CrabBlue Deep Sea Crab
Blue w/Blue Deep Sea CrabBlue w/Blue Deep Sea Crab Blue w/Purple Deep Sea CrabBlue w/Purple Deep Sea Crab Electric Blue Deep Sea CrabElectric Blue Deep Sea Crab Electric Purple Deep Sea CrabElectric Purple Deep Sea Crab
Green Deep Sea CrabGreen Deep Sea Crab Green w/Blue Deep Sea CrabGreen w/Blue Deep Sea Crab Green w/Purple Deep Sea CrabGreen w/Purple Deep Sea Crab Metallic Blue CrabMetallic Blue Crab
Orange Deep Sea CrabOrange Deep Sea Crab Orange w/Blue Deep Sea CrabOrange w/Blue Deep Sea Crab Orange w/Purple Deep Sea CrabOrange w/Purple Deep Sea Crab Red Deep Sea CrabRed Deep Sea Crab
Red w/Blue Deep Sea CrabRed w/Blue Deep Sea Crab Red w/Purple Deep Sea CrabRed w/Purple Deep Sea Crab Red-Black Deep Sea CrabRed-Black Deep Sea Crab Black CraneBlack Crane
Blue CraneBlue Crane Brown CraneBrown Crane Green CraneGreen Crane Pink CranePink Crane
White CraneWhite Crane Green CrocoliskGreen Crocolisk Grey CrocoliskGrey Crocolisk White CrocoliskWhite Crocolisk
Yellow CrocoliskYellow Crocolisk Blue Cataclysm CrocoliskBlue Cataclysm Crocolisk Brown Cataclysm CrocoliskBrown Cataclysm Crocolisk Green Cataclysm CrocoliskGreen Cataclysm Crocolisk
Purple Cataclysm CrocoliskPurple Cataclysm Crocolisk White Cataclysm CrocoliskWhite Cataclysm Crocolisk Black DevilsaurBlack Devilsaur Green DevilsaurGreen Devilsaur
Red DevilsaurRed Devilsaur White DevilsaurWhite Devilsaur Black DevilsaurBlack Devilsaur Blue DevilsaurBlue Devilsaur
Bronze DevilsaurBronze Devilsaur Green DevilsaurGreen Devilsaur Light Brown DevilsaurLight Brown Devilsaur Blue DirehornBlue Direhorn
Brown DirehornBrown Direhorn Green DirehornGreen Direhorn Pale DirehornPale Direhorn Red DirehornRed Direhorn
Black MastiffBlack Mastiff Brown MastiffBrown Mastiff Grey MastiffGrey Mastiff Red MastiffRed Mastiff
Blue Demon DogBlue Demon Dog Ghostly Blue Demon DogGhostly Blue Demon Dog Ghostly Grey Demon DogGhostly Grey Demon Dog Ghostly White Demon DogGhostly White Demon Dog
Grey Demon DogGrey Demon Dog Purple Demon DogPurple Demon Dog Red Demon DogRed Demon Dog White Demon DogWhite Demon Dog
Blue Runed Demon DogBlue Runed Demon Dog Green Runed Demon DogGreen Runed Demon Dog Red Runed Demon DogRed Runed Demon Dog Armored DragonhawkArmored Dragonhawk
Black DragonhawkBlack Dragonhawk Blue DragonhawkBlue Dragonhawk Grey DragonhawkGrey Dragonhawk Orange & Red DragonhawkOrange & Red Dragonhawk
Orange DragonhawkOrange Dragonhawk Red DragonhawkRed Dragonhawk Violet DragonhawkViolet Dragonhawk Yellow DragonhawkYellow Dragonhawk
Black FoxBlack Fox Brown FoxBrown Fox Grey FoxGrey Fox Red FoxRed Fox
White FoxWhite Fox Black GoatBlack Goat Black Spotted GoatBlack Spotted Goat Brown GoatBrown Goat
Brown Spotted GoatBrown Spotted Goat Grey GoatGrey Goat White GoatWhite Goat Black GorillaBlack Gorilla
Dark Grey GorillaDark Grey Gorilla Grey GorillaGrey Gorilla Red GorillaRed Gorilla White GorillaWhite Gorilla
Brown HyenaBrown Hyena Grey HyenaGrey Hyena Orange HyenaOrange Hyena Orange HyenaOrange Hyena
Purple HyenaPurple Hyena Red HyenaRed Hyena Yellow HyenaYellow Hyena Black MonkeyBlack Monkey
Brown MonkeyBrown Monkey Dark Grey MonkeyDark Grey Monkey Grey MonkeyGrey Monkey Black Monkey with FezBlack Monkey with Fez
Beige MothBeige Moth Blue & Beige MothBlue & Beige Moth Blue & Yellow MothBlue & Yellow Moth Blue MothBlue Moth
Green & Beige MothGreen & Beige Moth Green & Blue MothGreen & Blue Moth Green MothGreen Moth Grey MothGrey Moth
Tan MothTan Moth White & Yellow MothWhite & Yellow Moth White MothWhite Moth Blue Nether RayBlue Nether Ray
Gold Nether RayGold Nether Ray Green Nether RayGreen Nether Ray Purple Nether RayPurple Nether Ray Red Nether RayRed Nether Ray
Blue PorcupineBlue Porcupine Brown PorcupineBrown Porcupine Gray PorcupineGray Porcupine Red PorcupineRed Porcupine
White PorcupineWhite Porcupine Yellow PorcupineYellow Porcupine Brown QuilinBrown Quilin Gray QuilinGray Quilin
Red QuilinRed Quilin White QuilinWhite Quilin Blue Stone QuilinBlue Stone Quilin Purple Stone QuilinPurple Stone Quilin
Stone QuilinStone Quilin Blue Armored Stone QuilinBlue Armored Stone Quilin Green Armored Stone QuilinGreen Armored Stone Quilin Purple Armored Stone QuilinPurple Armored Stone Quilin
Red Armored Stone QuilinRed Armored Stone Quilin Black RaptorBlack Raptor Blue RaptorBlue Raptor Green RaptorGreen Raptor
Grey RaptorGrey Raptor Orange RaptorOrange Raptor Purple RaptorPurple Raptor Red RaptorRed Raptor
Yellow RaptorYellow Raptor Black Spiked RaptorBlack Spiked Raptor Blue Spiked RaptorBlue Spiked Raptor Brown Spiked RaptorBrown Spiked Raptor
Green Spiked RaptorGreen Spiked Raptor Red Spiked RaptorRed Spiked Raptor Saddled Orange RaptorSaddled Orange Raptor Armoured Orange RaptorArmoured Orange Raptor
Armoured Red RaptorArmoured Red Raptor Blue & Purple RavagerBlue & Purple Ravager Green & Blue RavagerGreen & Blue Ravager Green & Orange RavagerGreen & Orange Ravager
Green & Purple RavagerGreen & Purple Ravager Green RavagerGreen Ravager Orange & Black RavagerOrange & Black Ravager Orange & Purple RavagerOrange & Purple Ravager
Orange & Red RavagerOrange & Red Ravager Orange RavagerOrange Ravager Red & Black RavagerRed & Black Ravager Red & Green RavagerRed & Green Ravager
Red & Purple RavagerRed & Purple Ravager Dark Green RavagerDark Green Ravager Purple RavagerPurple Ravager Red RavagerRed Ravager
Blue RhinoBlue Rhino Brown RhinoBrown Rhino Grey RhinoGrey Rhino White RhinoWhite Rhino
Black ScorpidBlack Scorpid Bronze ScorpidBronze Scorpid Brown ScorpidBrown Scorpid Green ScorpidGreen Scorpid
Grey ScorpidGrey Scorpid Pink ScorpidPink Scorpid Red ScorpidRed Scorpid White ScorpidWhite Scorpid
Yellow ScorpidYellow Scorpid Black Armored ScorpionBlack Armored Scorpion Blue Armored ScorpionBlue Armored Scorpion Brown Armored ScorpionBrown Armored Scorpion
Green Armored ScorpionGreen Armored Scorpion Orange Armored ScorpionOrange Armored Scorpion Red Armored ScorpionRed Armored Scorpion Blue SerpentBlue Serpent
Blue-Green SerpentBlue-Green Serpent Brown SerpentBrown Serpent Green SerpentGreen Serpent Purple SerpentPurple Serpent
Red SerpentRed Serpent Violet SerpentViolet Serpent White SerpentWhite Serpent Blue Arcane WyrmBlue Arcane Wyrm
Purple Arcane WyrmPurple Arcane Wyrm Red Arcane WyrmRed Arcane Wyrm White Arcane WyrmWhite Arcane Wyrm Green Shale SpiderGreen Shale Spider
Orange Shale SpiderOrange Shale Spider Purple Shale SpiderPurple Shale Spider Red Shale SpiderRed Shale Spider Green SilithidGreen Silithid
Purple SilithidPurple Silithid Tan SilithidTan Silithid Yellow SilithidYellow Silithid Blue Silithid ColossusBlue Silithid Colossus
Damaged Blue Silithid ColossusDamaged Blue Silithid Colossus Damaged Orange Silithid ColossusDamaged Orange Silithid Colossus Damaged Pink Silithid ColossusDamaged Pink Silithid Colossus Damaged Purple Silithid ColossusDamaged Purple Silithid Colossus
Orange Silithid ColossusOrange Silithid Colossus Pink Silithid ColossusPink Silithid Colossus Purple Silithid ColossusPurple Silithid Colossus Brown Ant SilithidBrown Ant Silithid
Green Ant SilithidGreen Ant Silithid Purple Ant SilithidPurple Ant Silithid Tan Ant SilithidTan Ant Silithid Black Widow SpiderBlack Widow Spider
Crystal SpiderCrystal Spider Green SpiderGreen Spider Grey SpiderGrey Spider Jungle SpiderJungle Spider
Olive SpiderOlive Spider Purple SpiderPurple Spider Red SpiderRed Spider Tan SpiderTan Spider
Green Fire SpiderGreen Fire Spider Orange Fire SpiderOrange Fire Spider Purple Fire SpiderPurple Fire Spider Red Fire SpiderRed Fire Spider
Yellow Fire SpiderYellow Fire Spider Orange & Black SpiderOrange & Black Spider Red & Black SpiderRed & Black Spider Red & Yellow SpiderRed & Yellow Spider
Black Bone SpiderBlack Bone Spider Brown Bone SpiderBrown Bone Spider Dark Grey Bone SpiderDark Grey Bone Spider Light Grey Bone SpiderLight Grey Bone Spider
Red Bone SpiderRed Bone Spider Green TarantulaGreen Tarantula Grey TarantulaGrey Tarantula Lava TarantulaLava Tarantula
Orange TarantulaOrange Tarantula Red TarantulaRed Tarantula Green Ghost OwlGreen Ghost Owl Spectral BearSpectral Bear
Spectral CrabSpectral Crab Blue Spectral Saber TigerBlue Spectral Saber Tiger Green Spectral Saber TigerGreen Spectral Saber Tiger Spectral Saber TigerSpectral Saber Tiger
Spirit LeopardSpirit Leopard Lightning Saber WorgLightning Saber Worg Spectral WolfSpectral Wolf Blue Spectral PorcupineBlue Spectral Porcupine
Green Spectral PorcupineGreen Spectral Porcupine Red Spectral PorcupineRed Spectral Porcupine Blue SporebatBlue Sporebat Brown SporebatBrown Sporebat
Green SporebatGreen Sporebat Brown TallstriderBrown Tallstrider Grey TallstriderGrey Tallstrider Pink TallstriderPink Tallstrider
Purple TallstriderPurple Tallstrider Turquoise TallstriderTurquoise Tallstrider White TallstriderWhite Tallstrider Blue TurtleBlue Turtle
Green TurtleGreen Turtle Grey TurtleGrey Turtle Orange TurtleOrange Turtle White TurtleWhite Turtle
Ancient Fire TurtleAncient Fire Turtle Ancient Sea TurtleAncient Sea Turtle Black Dragon TurtleBlack Dragon Turtle Blue Glowing Dragon TurtleBlue Glowing Dragon Turtle
Brown Dragon TurtleBrown Dragon Turtle Camo Dragon TurtleCamo Dragon Turtle Gold Dragon TurtleGold Dragon Turtle Green Dragon TurtleGreen Dragon Turtle
Red Dragon TurtleRed Dragon Turtle Black Spiked Dragon TurtleBlack Spiked Dragon Turtle Blue Glowing Spiked Dragon TurtleBlue Glowing Spiked Dragon Turtle Brown Spiked Dragon TurtleBrown Spiked Dragon Turtle
Camo Spiked Dragon TurtleCamo Spiked Dragon Turtle Gold Spiked Dragon TurtleGold Spiked Dragon Turtle Green Spiked Dragon TurtleGreen Spiked Dragon Turtle Red Spiked Dragon TurtleRed Spiked Dragon Turtle
Black Warp StalkerBlack Warp Stalker Blue Warp StalkerBlue Warp Stalker Blue-Green Warp StalkerBlue-Green Warp Stalker Green Warp StalkerGreen Warp Stalker
Red Warp StalkerRed Warp Stalker White Warp StalkerWhite Warp Stalker Black WaspBlack Wasp Blue & Red WaspBlue & Red Wasp
Blue WaspBlue Wasp Copper WaspCopper Wasp Green & Red WaspGreen & Red Wasp Green WaspGreen Wasp
Orange WaspOrange Wasp Purple WaspPurple Wasp Red WaspRed Wasp Tan WaspTan Wasp
White WaspWhite Wasp Yellow WaspYellow Wasp Blue & Red Boss WaspBlue & Red Boss Wasp Blue Boss WaspBlue Boss Wasp
Green & Red Boss WaspGreen & Red Boss Wasp Orange Boss WaspOrange Boss Wasp Purple Boss WaspPurple Boss Wasp Green FireflyGreen Firefly
Purple FireflyPurple Firefly Red FireflyRed Firefly Yellow FireflyYellow Firefly Blue Water StriderBlue Water Strider
Green Water StriderGreen Water Strider Orange Water StriderOrange Water Strider White Water StriderWhite Water Strider Yellow Water StriderYellow Water Strider
Blue Armored Water StriderBlue Armored Water Strider Green Armored Water StriderGreen Armored Water Strider Orange Armored Water StriderOrange Armored Water Strider Red Armored Water StriderRed Armored Water Strider
Yellow Armored Water StriderYellow Armored Water Strider Black Fen StriderBlack Fen Strider Blue Fen StriderBlue Fen Strider Green Fen StriderGreen Fen Strider
White Fen StriderWhite Fen Strider Black Wind SerpentBlack Wind Serpent Green Wind SerpentGreen Wind Serpent Orange Wind SerpentOrange Wind Serpent
Red Wind SerpentRed Wind Serpent White Wind SerpentWhite Wind Serpent Yellow Wind SerpentYellow Wind Serpent Yellow Wind SerpentYellow Wind Serpent
Blue & White Spiked Wind SerpentBlue & White Spiked Wind Serpent Blue Spiked Wind SerpentBlue Spiked Wind Serpent Green Spiked Wind SerpentGreen Spiked Wind Serpent Grey & Green Spiked Wind SerpentGrey & Green Spiked Wind Serpent
Grey & Red Spiked Wind SerpentGrey & Red Spiked Wind Serpent Grey & Yellow Spiked Wind SerpentGrey & Yellow Spiked Wind Serpent Grey Spiked Wind SerpentGrey Spiked Wind Serpent Red & Grey Spiked Wind SerpentRed & Grey Spiked Wind Serpent
Red Spiked Wind SerpentRed Spiked Wind Serpent White & Grey Spiked Wind SerpentWhite & Grey Spiked Wind Serpent White Spiked Wind SerpentWhite Spiked Wind Serpent Yellow Spiked Wind SerpentYellow Spiked Wind Serpent
Black WolfBlack Wolf Diseased Black WolfDiseased Black Wolf Ghost WolfGhost Wolf Grey WolfGrey Wolf
Tan WolfTan Wolf White WolfWhite Wolf Bicolor WorgBicolor Worg Black WorgBlack Worg
Brown WorgBrown Worg Dark Brown WorgDark Brown Worg Dark Grey WorgDark Grey Worg Ghost Grey WolfGhost Grey Wolf
Grey WorgGrey Worg Red WorgRed Worg White WorgWhite Worg Black Saber WorgBlack Saber Worg
Brown Saber WorgBrown Saber Worg Ghostly Black Saber WorgGhostly Black Saber Worg Ghostly Brown Saber WorgGhostly Brown Saber Worg Ghostly White Saber WorgGhostly White Saber Worg
Grey Saber WorgGrey Saber Worg Medium Lightning Saber WorgMedium Lightning Saber Worg White Saber WorgWhite Saber Worg Saddled Black WorgSaddled Black Worg
Blue WormBlue Worm Brown WormBrown Worm Ghostly White WormGhostly White Worm Green WormGreen Worm
Grey WormGrey Worm Pink WormPink Worm White WormWhite Worm Yellow WormYellow Worm
Black JormungarBlack Jormungar Blue JormungarBlue Jormungar Ghost JormungarGhost Jormungar Green JormungarGreen Jormungar
Purple JormungarPurple Jormungar White JormungarWhite Jormungar Blue SilkwormBlue Silkworm Green SilkwormGreen Silkworm
Purple SilkwormPurple Silkworm Red SilkwormRed Silkworm Yellow SilkwormYellow Silkworm

Pet Looks You Can't Tame

Brown Bear CubBrown Bear Cub Black Bear Mount w/Green ArmourBlack Bear Mount w/Green Armour Black Bear Mount w/Purple-Orange ArmourBlack Bear Mount w/Purple-Orange Armour Brown Bear CubBrown Bear Cub
White Bear CubWhite Bear Cub Orange Striped CubOrange Striped Cub White CubWhite Cub White Striped CubWhite Striped Cub
Void TerrorVoid Terror Greenish-Blue Deep Sea CrabGreenish-Blue Deep Sea Crab Red-Blue Deep Sea CrabRed-Blue Deep Sea Crab Ghost CrocoliskGhost Crocolisk
Baby Blue CrocoliskBaby Blue Crocolisk Baby Brown CrocoliskBaby Brown Crocolisk Baby Green CrocoliskBaby Green Crocolisk Baby Yellow CrocoliskBaby Yellow Crocolisk
Baby GorillaBaby Gorilla Black HydraBlack Hydra Blue HydraBlue Hydra Ghost HydraGhost Hydra
Green HydraGreen Hydra Grey HydraGrey Hydra Purple HydraPurple Hydra Red HydraRed Hydra
White HydraWhite Hydra Blue Outland HydraBlue Outland Hydra Green Outland HydraGreen Outland Hydra Grey Outland HydraGrey Outland Hydra
Orange Outland HydraOrange Outland Hydra Purple Outland HydraPurple Outland Hydra ChimaeronChimaeron Green Stone QuilinGreen Stone Quilin
Armoured Black RaptorArmoured Black Raptor Armoured Green RaptorArmoured Green Raptor Stone Dragon TurtleStone Dragon Turtle Saddled Dark Gray WorgSaddled Dark Gray Worg
Brown LarvaBrown Larva Green LarvaGreen Larva Purple LarvaPurple Larva Red LarvaRed Larva
White LarvaWhite Larva Yellow LarvaYellow Larva Grey Toothed LarvaGrey Toothed Larva Magenta Toothed LarvaMagenta Toothed Larva
Purple Toothed LarvaPurple Toothed Larva Red Toothed LarvaRed Toothed Larva Blue GyrewormBlue Gyreworm Orange GyrewormOrange Gyreworm
Red GyrewormRed Gyreworm

Unused Pet Looks

Purple Basilisk w/Jade FringesPurple Basilisk w/Jade Fringes Purple Basilisk w/Orange FringesPurple Basilisk w/Orange Fringes Purple Basilisk w/Purple FringesPurple Basilisk w/Purple Fringes Blond BatBlond Bat
Gold BatGold Bat Green BatGreen Bat Grey-Brown BatGrey-Brown Bat Red-Brown BatRed-Brown Bat
Blue BearBlue Bear Polar BearPolar Bear Albino CatAlbino Cat Glowing Blue CatGlowing Blue Cat
Glowing Light Green CatGlowing Light Green Cat Glowing Purple CatGlowing Purple Cat Albino Saber CatAlbino Saber Cat Black Spotted Saber CatBlack Spotted Saber Cat
Black Striped Saber CatBlack Striped Saber Cat Brown Saber CatBrown Saber Cat Glowing Blue Saber CatGlowing Blue Saber Cat Glowing Light Green Saber CatGlowing Light Green Saber Cat
Glowing Purple Saber CatGlowing Purple Saber Cat Gold Saber CatGold Saber Cat Saber LionessSaber Lioness Hunched Albino CatHunched Albino Cat
Hunched Amethyst CatHunched Amethyst Cat Hunched Diamond CatHunched Diamond Cat Hunched Glowing Blue CatHunched Glowing Blue Cat Hunched Glowing Light Green CatHunched Glowing Light Green Cat
Hunched Glowing Purple CatHunched Glowing Purple Cat Hunched Ruby CatHunched Ruby Cat Hunched Sapphire CatHunched Sapphire Cat Hunched Turquoise Gem CatHunched Turquoise Gem Cat
Orange Armored ChimaeraOrange Armored Chimaera Silver CrabSilver Crab Green SlimeGreen Slime Blue Stone DirehornBlue Stone Direhorn
Green Stone DirehornGreen Stone Direhorn Grey Stone DirehornGrey Stone Direhorn Light Grey Stone DirehornLight Grey Stone Direhorn Dark HoundDark Hound
Mechanical GorillaMechanical Gorilla Orange HydraOrange Hydra Brown Monkey with FezBrown Monkey with Fez Dark Grey Monkey with FezDark Grey Monkey with Fez
Grey Monkey with FezGrey Monkey with Fez Black Axe MonkeyBlack Axe Monkey Brown Axe MonkeyBrown Axe Monkey Dark Grey Axe MonkeyDark Grey Axe Monkey
Grey Axe MonkeyGrey Axe Monkey Saddled Aqua RaptorSaddled Aqua Raptor Saddled Black RaptorSaddled Black Raptor Saddled Bronze RaptorSaddled Bronze Raptor
Saddled Bronze RaptorSaddled Bronze Raptor Saddled Glossy Black RaptorSaddled Glossy Black Raptor Saddled Glossy Green RaptorSaddled Glossy Green Raptor Saddled Glossy White RaptorSaddled Glossy White Raptor
Saddled Green RaptorSaddled Green Raptor Saddled Purple RaptorSaddled Purple Raptor Saddled White RaptorSaddled White Raptor Armoured Aqua RaptorArmoured Aqua Raptor
Armoured Blue RaptorArmoured Blue Raptor Armoured Dark Black RaptorArmoured Dark Black Raptor Armoured Olive RaptorArmoured Olive Raptor Armoured Purple RaptorArmoured Purple Raptor
Armoured White RaptorArmoured White Raptor Green RavagerGreen Ravager Orange RavagerOrange Ravager Red & Purple RavagerRed & Purple Ravager
Green Arcane WyrmGreen Arcane Wyrm Yellow Arcane WyrmYellow Arcane Wyrm Pale Lightning Saber WorgPale Lightning Saber Worg Saddled Brown WorgSaddled Brown Worg
Saddled Dark Brown WorgSaddled Dark Brown Worg Saddled Ice Blue WorgSaddled Ice Blue Worg Saddled Light Gray WorgSaddled Light Gray Worg Blue Toothed LarvaBlue Toothed Larva
Purple GyrewormPurple Gyreworm