Bronze Crab

Bronze Crab
Can Be Tamed Golden Crawler5-7Eversong Woods
Can Be Tamed Skittering Crawler5-7Azuremyst Isle
Can Be Tamed Barbed Crawler7-9Azuremyst Isle
Can Be Tamed Sand Crawler9-10Azshara, Westfall
Can Be Tamed Desert Crawler45Tanaris
Can Be Tamed Silt Crawler51-52Swamp of Sorrows
Can Be Tamed Monstrous Crawler53Swamp of Sorrows
Can Be Tamed Splitclaw Skitterer80Kelp'thar ForestNear Legion's Fate and Honor's Tomb.
Can Be Tamed King Crawler83-84The Steam PoolsBetween Silithus & Feralas
Cannot Be Tamed Darkmoon Tide Crawler10-11Darkmoon IslandAlong the shores and waters surrounding the island.
Cannot Be Tamed Crawler11-12WestfallAlready controlled.
Cannot Be Tamed Scuttler50OrgimmarHunter Trainers Pet in Valley of Honor.
Cannot Be Tamed Cattail Crab90Cattail Lake, Valley of the Four WindsFriendly.

PTR: This information comes from the Public Test Realms and is subject to change.

PTR: CrabsLevelLocationNotes
Can Be Tamed Clearwater Sandcrawler94Orunai Bay, Talador
Can Be Tamed Elder Sunset Crawler94The Sunset Shore, Talador
Can Be Tamed Sunset Crawler94The Sunset Shore, Talador