Orange Turtle

Orange Turtle
Can Be Tamed Aku'mai Snapjaw23-24 EliteBlackfathom Deeps
Can Be Tamed Cranky Benj24 RareHillsbrad FoothillsNow in the river.
Can Be Tamed Saltwater Snapjaw30-31The Hinterlands
Can Be Tamed Sorrowmurk Snapjaw50Swamp of Sorrows
Can Be Tamed Dragon Turtle70 EliteBlack Temple<Coilskar Harpooner's Pet>
Can Be Tamed by Goblins Only Child of Volcanoth8-9Lost IslesIn the pit of the volcano. Does not retain fire breath. Phases out after Volcanoth.
Cannot Be Tamed Optimistic Benj24Old Hillsbrad FoothillsFriendly, untamable, younger version of Cranky Benj. Flagged as "rare" but actually occurs every time.