White Condor

White Condor
Carrion BirdsLevelLocationNotes
Can Be Tamed Lord Condar17 RareLoch Modan
Can Be Tamed Carrion Condor70-71Borean Tundra
Can Be Tamed Dreadtalon74 EliteDragonblight
Can Be Tamed Trenchwing Scavenger86Krasarang Wilds
Can Be Tamed Frostfire Bonestripper90Forbidden Glacier, Frostfire Ridge
Can Be Tamed Juvenile Bonestripper90The Boneslag, Frostfire Ridge
Cannot Be Tamed Trained Bonestripper91-100Frostfire RidgeAlready controlled.
Cannot Be Tamed Trained Bonestripper92Bones of Agurak, Frostfire Ridge<Thunderlord Wrangler's Pet> Already controlled.