Black Widow Spider

Black Widow Spider
Can Be Tamed Night Web Spider3-4Tirisfal Glades
Can Be Tamed Night Web Matriarch5Tirisfal Glades
Can Be Tamed Mine Spider8-9Elwynn Forest
Can Be Tamed Vicious Night Web Spider9-10Tirisfal Glades
Can Be Tamed Sri'skulk10 RareTirisfal Glades
Can Be Tamed Krethis the Shadowspinner12 RareSilverpine Forest
Can Be Tamed Black Widow Hatchling21-22Duskwood
Can Be Tamed Black Widow23-24Duskwood
Can Be Tamed Riven Widow70-71Howling Fjord
Can Be Tamed Recluse Hatchling84 SpawnedTwilight HighlandsSummoned by the Black Recluse.
Can Be Tamed by Undead Only Young Widow ('Spider')1Forsaken hunters start with this pet at level 1.
Can Be Tamed by Worgen Only Rygna9-10Gilneas<Vilebrood Matriarch> - Master spider at the end of webbed valley near Stormglen Village.
Cannot Be Tamed Venom Sprayer101 Spawned EliteXeri'tac's Burrow, The EverbloomReleased when you open Toxic Eggs.