Blue Crab

Blue Crab
Can Be Tamed Sea Crawler11-12Westfall
Can Be Tamed Hermit Tide Crawler18-19 SpawnedDarkshoreSpawns during the quest The Seeds of Life.
Can Be Tamed Encrusted Tide Crawler18-20Darkshore
Can Be Tamed Clattering Crawler19-20AshenvaleZoram Strand
Can Be Tamed Ocean Crawler22-23WetlandsAlso Arathi, but level matches Wetlands.
Can Be Tamed Southern Sand Crawler35The Cape of Stranglethorn
Can Be Tamed Kili'ua72Dragonblight
Cannot Be Tamed Canal Crab3Stormwind City
Cannot Be Tamed Darkmoon Tide Crawler10-11Darkmoon IslandAlong the shores and waters surrounding the island.
Cannot Be Tamed Tamed Crawler18-19DarkshoreAlready controlled.
Cannot Be Tamed Cattail Crab90Cattail Lake, Valley of the Four WindsFriendly.