Black Bear

Black Bear
Can Be Tamed Young Black Bear1Dun Morogh
Can Be Tamed Black Bear11-12Loch Modan
Can Be Tamed Black Bear15Dun MoroghCan only be reached by flying.
Can Be Tamed Ol' Sooty17Loch Modan
Can Be Tamed Coalpelt Bear23-24Duskwood
Can Be Tamed Vicious Black Bear23-24Hillsbrad Foothills
Can Be Tamed Ursol'lok24 RareAshenvale
Can Be Tamed Shaggy Black Bear35-36Western Plaguelands
Can Be Tamed Old Grizzlegut37 RareFeralas
Cannot Be Tamed Ironhide74 Spawned EliteGrizzly Hills
Cannot Be Tamed Rae85Firebeard's Patrol, Twilight HighlandsPet of Kennen, stable master.