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With Feathermanes added in 7.2 there are now four new families!

Feathermanes Mechanicals Oxen Scalehides

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Basilisks Bats Bears Beetles Birds of Prey Boars
Carrion Birds Cats Chimaeras* Clefthooves* Core Hounds* Crabs
Cranes Crocolisks Devilsaurs* Direhorns Dogs Dragonhawks
Feathermanes Foxes Goats Gorillas Hydras Hyenas
Mechanicals Monkeys Moths Nether Rays Oxen Quilen*
Raptors Ravagers Riverbeasts Rodents Rylaks* Scalehides
Scorpids Serpents Shale Spiders* Silithids* Spiders Spirit Beasts*
Sporebats Stags Tallstriders Turtles Warp Stalkers Wasps
Water Striders* Wind Serpents Wolves Worms*

Exotic Pet Families

Chimaeras Clefthooves Core Hounds Devilsaurs Quilen Rylaks
Shale Spiders Silithids Spirit Beasts Water Striders Worms

Skill Pet Families

Direhorns Feathermanes Mechanicals