A-Me 02

Can be tamed.

Level:30-60 Elite
Name:Retains original name after taming.
Zone:Un'Goro Crater
Requires Mechanical Taming.Required Skill: Mechanical Taming
Gnome, Goblin and Mechagnome hunters automatically know how to tame Mechanicals. Hunters of other races must acquire the skill from a Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix, crafted by Engineers who have at least 1 skill point in Legion Engineering.
Location & Notes:

Located in Fungal Rock, Un'Goro Crater. Found deep in the Fungal Rock cave, at the northern end. Her health must be severely reduced (perhaps 25% or lower) before she can be tamed. She hits very hard and can badly hurt you, even at level 60, so you will have to kite her. She makes some very subtle mechanical sounds when clicked.