Purple Hippogryph

There is one tameable creature with this look.

Purple Hippogryph
Requires Feathermane Taming.Required Skill: Feathermane Taming
You must learn a special skill to tame Feathermanes. It is taught by a Tome of the Hybrid Beast. See our guide for the pre-requisite achievements.
Can Be Tamed
Initially friendly to Alliance but players can /roar at them to make them aggressive for taming. In valley north and west of Ruins of Isildien.
Cannot Be Tamed
Friendly. Spawns after you interact with five Ephemeral Crystals in Azsuna. Part of an event where you earn a mount of the same name.
Level scaling: Most NPCs will scale with the Hunter's level, within the constraints of their level range. Hunters can tame regular NPCs up to 2 levels higher than them, but can only tame elite NPCs of the hunter's level or below.

Matching Mounts