Suggestion: Named NPCs that could retain their names when tamed but currently don't

Suggested NPCs

The following 6 creatures with unique names have been confirmed to NOT retain them when tamed:

NPCID #StatusContinentLocation
Avatar of Hakkar 8440Eastern KingdomsSunken Temple (Dungeon)
Ghost Howl 3056KalimdorMulgore
Liskorath 137098Kul TirasTol Dagor (Dungeon)
Steelplated Hardshell 153992MechagonMechagon
Amethyst Guardian 60047BossPandariaMogu'shan Vaults (Raid)
Girs 177422ShadowlandsThe Maw

Needs Checking

The following 6 creatures haven't been checked yet, they may or may not retain their names:

NPCID #StatusContinentLocation
Blood Seeker3868DeepholmDeepholm
Junkyard D.0.G.151773MechagonOperation: Mechagon (Dungeon)
Haofeng157341PandariaVale of Eternal Blossoms
Lor the Loyal166934ShadowlandsTorghast, Tower of the Damned (Dungeon)
Ventun the Ravenous166933ShadowlandsTorghast, Tower of the Damned (Dungeon)