Pets that could retain their names when tamed (suggestions)

The following list contains tameable creatures that have unique names, or are classed as rare, but don't currently retain their names when tamed.

There are many untameable NPCs on our taming suggestions page that have unique names which could also be retained when tamed. If any of them become tameable in the future they should appear on this list automatically.

See also our list of NPCs that currently retain their names after taming.

Suggested NPCs

The following 53 creatures with unique names have been confirmed to NOT retain them when tamed:

NPCID #StatusContinentLocation
Ayanga 192961Dragon IslesOhn'ahran Plains
Bankai 192951Dragon IslesOhn'ahran Plains
Edai 192952Dragon IslesOhn'ahran Plains
Hamett 187781RareDragon IslesOhn'ahran Plains
Karkidan 193725Dragon IslesOhn'ahran Plains
Liskheszaera 197009RareDragon IslesOhn'ahran Plains
Mara'nar the Thunderous 196913Dragon IslesOhn'ahran Plains
Shenzai 192950Dragon IslesOhn'ahran Plains
Skaara 192949Dragon IslesOhn'ahran Plains
Sutaan 188274Dragon IslesOhn'ahran Plains
Trrsha 186725Dragon IslesOhn'ahran Plains
Vaniik the Stormtouched 192453Dragon IslesOhn'ahran Plains
Goremaul the Gluttonous 193125RareDragon IslesThaldraszus
Hecutta 207300Dragon IslesThaldraszus
Henlare 193229RareDragon IslesThaldraszus
Liskron the Dazzling 193273Dragon IslesThaldraszus
The Weeping Vilomah 183984RareDragon IslesThaldraszus
Elusive Elder Drake 194489RareDragon IslesThe Azure Span
Gorger 192759Dragon IslesThe Azure Span
Lela 192486Dragon IslesThe Azure Span
Lulu 192487Dragon IslesThe Azure Span
Mucka the Raker 193201RareDragon IslesThe Azure Span
Bloodstripe Great Ray 210050RareDragon IslesThe Emerald Dream
Keen-eyed Cian 210046RareDragon IslesThe Emerald Dream
Moragh the Slothful 210045RareDragon IslesThe Emerald Dream
Mosa Umbramane 210070RareDragon IslesThe Emerald Dream
Somnambulant Ori 210047RareDragon IslesThe Emerald Dream
Voracious Mikanji 210508RareDragon IslesThe Emerald Dream
Forgotten Gryphon 193154RareDragon IslesThe Waking Shores
Lepidoralia the Resplendent 193266RareDragon IslesThe Waking Shores
Avatar of Hakkar 8440Eastern KingdomsSunken Temple (Dungeon)
Ironbarb Skyreaver 80098Eastern KingdomsUpper Blackrock Spire (Dungeon)
Son of the Beast 77927Eastern KingdomsUpper Blackrock Spire (Dungeon)
Ghost Howl 3056KalimdorMulgore
Deviate Faerie Dragon 5912RareKalimdorWailing Caverns (Dungeon)
Liskorath 137098Kul TirasTol Dagor (Dungeon)
Steelplated Hardshell 153992MechagonMechagon
Junkyard D.0.G. 151773MechagonOperation: Mechagon (Dungeon)
Tatjana's Horse 27626NorthrendGrizzly Hills
Vakkiz the Windrager 23204OutlandTerokkar Forest
Amethyst Guardian 60047BossPandariaMogu'shan Vaults (Raid)
Azure Serpent 56754PandariaShado-Pan Monastery (Dungeon)
Tsulong 62442BossPandariaTerrace of Endless Spring (Raid)
Horridon 68476BossPandariaThrone of Thunder (Raid)
Goregullet 172083ShadowlandsArdenweald
Shan'ala, Lost to the Tangle 172081ShadowlandsArdenweald
Thrashspine 172082ShadowlandsArdenweald
First Guardian of Kalliope 160110ShadowlandsBastion
4.RF-4.RF 167964ShadowlandsDe Other Side (Dungeon)
Ol' Big Head 166559ShadowlandsMaldraxxus
Girs 177422ShadowlandsThe Maw
Sand Matriarch Ileus 183927RareShadowlandsZereth Mortis
Elusive Quickhoof 162681ZandalarVol'dun

Needs Checking

The following 1 creatures haven't been checked yet, they may or may not retain their names:

NPCID #StatusContinentLocation
Molten Leadspike210064RareDragon IslesThe Emerald Dream