Cannot be tamed.

Level:40-60 Rare
Zone:Frostfire Ridge; Shadowmoon Valley - Draenor
Location & Notes:

Located in Frostwall & Lunarfall (Garrisons), Frostfire Ridge; Shadowmoon Valley - Draenor. Arachnis can appear in your garrison any time of the year if you have Hallow's End decorations enabled. You can also access it by being invited to the garrison of someone who has. To enable these decorations you must purchase the Creepy Crawlers decoration package from Izzy Hollyfizzle, your garrison's Events Coordinator. The initial purchase of this requires "Spooky Supplies", a type of currency that can only be earned during Hallow's End. Speak to Izzy to activate the decorations. For Horde, Arachnis will appear in the caverns behind your garrison, between your garden and the outhouse. For Alliance, Arachnis will appear near the guard tower and your mines.