Forgotten Watcher

Can be tamed.

Family:Stone HoundExotic family. Beast Masters only!
Exotic family: Beast Masters only, minimum level 39.Exotic Family
Can only be used by hunters in the Beast Mastery spec. Minimum level 39 in Shadowlands.
Requires Gargon Taming.Gargon Taming
You must learn the skill to tame Gargons, which is taught by a Gargon Training Manual, a guaranteed drop from Huntmaster Petrus, a rare NPC that can appear in the Witherfall Ruin area of south-east Revendreth. It appears this manual can only be read at level 60.
Location & Notes:

Located in Halls of Atonement, Revendreth. Found in a hidden crypt below the parapets on the north-east side of the Halls of Atonement, coordinates ~ 66,43. Inside the arched gallery at this location one of the sconces on the wall can be activated, revealing a secret staircase down to the crypt.