Naroua <King of the Forest>

Can be tamed.

Level:47 Rare Elite
Name:Retains original name after taming.
Panthara Taming Trick
Most, but not all, panthara require a trick to tame. Farm up some Fresh Talbuk Meat which is drops rarely from talbuks on Argus; approach your target; throw a Freezing Trap; Feign Death to lose aggro (this is essential for the meat to work); throw the meat directly on top of the panthara; tame quickly!
Panthara that do not require this trick are Naroua, Sabuul, and the Shadow Stalkers in The Seat of the Triumvirate dungeon.
Location & Notes:

Located in Grove of Naroua, Krokuun. Naroua can be tamed without the use of Fresh Talbuk Meat.