Dark Purple Skyscreamer w/ Gold Harness

Untameable look : This look is not known from a tameable creature.

Dark Purple Skyscreamer w/ Gold Harness
Exotic family: Beast Masters only - level 10+.Exotic Family
Can only be used by Beast Mastery hunters that have reached level 10.

Untameable Creatures

Cannot Be Tamed
Krasarang Wilds; Dread Wastes; Kun-Lai Summit; The Jade Forest; Townlong Steppes
Found in different zones in Pandaria, depending on which Zandalari Warbringers are up. The places one may be found are: (1) on the shore, east of The Briny Muck in Dread Wastes; (2) in the south-west corner of Sik'Vess in Townlong Steppes; (3) on a small island in Krasarang Wilds, south of the Temple of the Red Crane, and east of Cradle of Chi-Ji; (4) by the cliff east of the Yaungol Advance in Kun-Lai Summit; and (5) by Sri-La Village in the north-east of The Jade Forest.
Level scaling: Most NPCs will scale with the Hunter's level, within the constraints of their level range. Hunters can tame regular NPCs up to 2 levels higher than them, but can only tame elite NPCs of the hunter's level or below.