Blue Spectral Porcupine

There is one tameable creature with this look.

Blue Spectral Porcupine

Exotic Family : You must be specced as a Beast Master of at least level 65 to tame and use Spirit Beasts!

Spirit BeastsLevelLocation
Can Be Tamed
Kun-Lai Summit
Gumi must be reduced to 30% health before it can be tamed. If you're high level it can be very hard to do this without killing it, so you should remove ALL of your gear, kill yourself and take resurrection sickness, then reduce its health slowly with punches.

In contrast, if you're low level you may find Gumi hits very hard, so kiting is probably necessary. It runs quickly, so Concussive Shot and Aspect of the Cheetah (and possibly the help of a friend) will be useful.

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