Robotic Sheep

There is one tameable creature with this look.

Robotic Sheep
Requires Mechanical Taming.Required Skill: Mechanical Taming
Gnome, Goblin and Mechagnome hunters automatically know how to tame Mechanicals. Hunters of other races must acquire the skill from a Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix, crafted by Engineers who have at least 1 skill point in Legion Engineering.
Can Be Tamed
1-30Elwynn Forest
Retains its original name after taming.
Tekton is found in a flock of sheep by a house on a high ridge, in the north-west of corner of the river valley that lies east of Stormwind (approximate coordinates 51, 14). Be very sure to tame it before it can reach you or it will explode!
Cannot Be Tamed
15-30Fuselight-By-The-Sea, Badlands
Friendly. Covered in explosives. Regularly goes boom.
Cannot Be Tamed
<Zelfan's Companion>
25-30Grand Magister's Asylum, Magisters' Terrace (Dungeon)
Summoned by Zelfan during the third boss fight. Explodes on contact! Currently classed as humanoid.
Level scaling: Most NPCs will scale with the Hunter's level, within the constraints of their level range. Hunters can tame regular NPCs up to 2 levels higher than them, but can only tame elite NPCs of the hunter's level or below.