Grey & Red Aqir Serpent

Untameable look : This look is not known from a tameable creature.

Grey & Red Aqir Serpent

Untameable Creatures

Cannot Be Tamed
Tu Shen Burial Ground, Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Aberration. Circles the area in the Black Empire Assault phase.
Cannot Be Tamed
Uldum; Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Flies over Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms in all Assaults phases of the zone. Classed as an Aberration.
Level scaling: In Shadowlands most NPCs will scale with the Hunter's level, within the constraints of their level range. Hunters can tame regular NPCs up to 2 levels higher than them, but can only tame elite NPCs of the hunter's level or below.

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