Striped White Cat

Striped White Cat
Can Be Tamed
King Bangalash
Stranglethorn Vale
Knows: Claw 6, Dash 2 when tamed.
Attack speed: 1.4
Cobra Reflexes is a passive skill that is not available at the pet trainer. As a passive, it does not appear that the hunter can learn this skill to pass it on to another pet, and if you untrain King B he will lose it. These things seem to indicate that the skill as it occurs here is a bug. Cobra Refelxes doesn't show up on the pet bar because it is a passive skill, but you can find it in the pet's spellbook. The description for this skill is: Cobra Reflexes (Rank 1): Attack speed increased by 30%, but damage done is reduced.
Can Be Tamed
Attack speed: 1.5