Spirit Beasts

The following information pertains to Spirit Beasts in Battle for Azeroth. For prior family data, see the Legion Spirit Beast family page.

Exotic Beast Masters only
Fish - Meat

Spirit Elderhorns

Spirit Elderhorn

Spectral Gryphons

Spectral Gryphon

Spirit Raptors

Mana Sabers

Spirit Foxes

Lightning Spirit Fox

Spirit Cats

Blue Spectral Saber Tiger
Green Spectral Saber Tiger
Spectral Saber Tiger
Spirit Leopard

Loa TigerUnused Look

Spirit Wolves

Spirit Porcupines

Spirit Bears

Spirit Bear

Dark Spirit BearUnused Look

Spirit Birds

Spectral Green Owl

Spirit Crabs

Spectral Spiked Crab

Spectral Wind Riders

Other Beasts With Similar Looks