Warlords of Draenor

A sneak-peek at the pets of a savage world.

Note: the following information has been been gleaned from the Beta Test of Warlords of Draenor. Much may change before the release date, and none of these looks are guaranteed to become available for taming, though most of them probably shall. Either way, enjoy!

UPDATE 06 AUGUST: added new family: Stags; also new moth, firefly, rylak and dread raven colours.

New Pet Families

Four new families have been announced:

Renamed and Revamped Pet Families

Rhinos have been merged into the new Clefthoof family:

New Pet Models

Possible new models for existing families:

New Looks for Existing Models

New colours for old beasts:

Existing Beasts

Currently untameable looks that should become available in WoD:

New Family: Hydras


For all existing hydra looks, see our Hydra Family Page. In addition, a new "Thunder Hydra" model has appeared in the database. It comes in four colours:

New Family: Riverbeasts


Like a hippopotamus re-imagined for Draenor, these beasts come in five colours:

New Family: Rylaks


Rylaks are a form of chimaera that have been spun off to form their own family. Their model is a wild version of the Iron Skyreaver mount. There are four known wild colours: green, red, white and yellow. In addition, there's a new "chromatic chimaera" colour, which was earlier a very flamboyant magenta and blue, but is now a rich red.

The tan skin (used for the Iron Skyreaver mount) has also been spotted on the wild model, but it does leave some weird-looking patches where the armour should go. These could well be left-over placeholders:

Furthermore, tameable armoured versions have been discovered, which allow for more looks (including the original mount):

New Family: Stags


Stags are a large, new family, consisting of talbuks, deer and gazelles. Many of these have existed in the game for a long time but have never been tameable.

Revamped Family: Clefthooves


Rhinos have been swallowed up by Clefthooves, which now dominate this family. There are two clefthoof models, the Outland and the Draenor one, resulting in eleven new looks:

New Model: Draenor Wolves


The Draenor Wolf model takes inspiration from recent reward mounts and will make a beautiful addition to the wolf family. There are five known colours:

New Models: Draenor Wolf Spirit Beasts (?)


There are three other versions of the Draenor wolf model in the database, "fire", "fel" and "shadow". All three are identical in shape to the regular model and each has a single skin associated with it. It appears that each of these models is meant to have an 'aura' (shimmering fire or shadow) effect, but they don't seem to work in Wowmodelviewer, meaning that the pictures below aren't entirely accurate. They would, however, make fitting spirit wolves, and this has already been hinted at by developer Jeremy Feasel on Twitter with regards to the shadow ("Void") one.

In addition, the skin created for the "Iron Horde Wolf" mount works perfectly well on the standard Draenor Wolf model, and results in a really stunning and sinister look:

New Model: Draenor Boars


These burly pigs appear to be the uncorrupted forerunners of the felboars we saw in the Burning Crusade. There are five known colours:

New Model: Draenor Sporebats


A new sporebat model has appeared in the database. It's not radically different to the original, but is definitely higher quality and a very welcome addition to a tiny family. There are three known colours:

New Model: Draenor Ravagers


The new ravager model is similar in appearance to a silithid, very different to the original Outland model. There are at least seven colours:

New Model: Bats


This fancy new bat model appeared in the database during Mists of Pandaria but never became available. They have been confirmed as a new tameable model in Draenor. There are five known colours:

New Model: Kaliri (Birds of Prey)

Status: CONFIRMED (at least for some colours)

The new kaliri pays homage to the old owl model while looking beautifully updated. There are at least four colours. One has fire effects and may or may not end up tameable.

New Model: Toucans


These brightly-coloured birds have been confirmed as upcoming hunter pets, but we don't yet know which family they'll be placed in. We've so far seen four different colours:

New Model: Hook Wasps


Hook Wasps were originally announced as a new family but have since been merged into Wasps. There are at least six colours:

New Model: Raptors


The new Draenor raptor model is beautifully updated, but resembles Azeroth raptors far more than the Outland ones. Perhaps there's a lore reason for that. There are at least five colours:

New Model: Core Hounds


A new core hound model has appeared in the database, in a mount and non-mount version. It's very true to the original model, but much higher quality. There only seems to be one colour, currently. Note that it does possess fire effects, like the old model, but we can't get them to render properly yet:

New Colours: Cats (Tigers)


Cats in Draenor share a model with the Pandaren tiger. Two brand new colours have been spotted. Both have striking and unusual red markings:

New Colours: Moths

Status: CONFIRMED (at least for some)

At least four new colours of moth have appeared in the database. Some have been spotted in Draenor already:

New Colours: Fireflies (Wasps)

Status: CONFIRMED (at least for some)

At least four new colours of firefly have appeared in the database. Some have been spotted in Draenor already:

New Colours: Worms


At least two new colours for the Jormungar worm model have appeared in the database, but we're unsure if and when they may be used:

New Model: Chimaeras


Aside from the Rylaks, which have been given their own family, there is one other model of chimaera in the database. It appears to be used for a new mount, but without the saddle it's also a worthy beast in its own right. Unfortunately the response we've received so far is that it isn't being used. At least not yet. We're only aware of one colour:

New Model: Dread Raven


We're already familiar with the new Dread Raven as a mount, but there's also a wild version which will appear in Draenor. However we've been told that it isn't being considered as a hunter pet because they are rare and of special significance to the Arakkoa. We've chosen to include it here for informational purposes. Aside from the original blue, there are now three other colours, one with a fire effect:

Existing Beasts but Newly Tameable Looks


With character levels rising to 100, some Pandaria beasts will finally become tameable. Many of these have already been tested and confirmed. Among them are two crabs from the Timeless Isle which sport unique colour schemes: Ancient Spineclaw Monstrous Spineclaw