Raven (Bird of Prey)/Raven (Carrion Bird)

This creature is new in Legion!

Raven (Bird of Prey)/Raven (Carrion Bird)
Birds of PreyLevelLocationNotes
Can Be Tamed Dark-Eye Raven90Conqueror's Terrace, Isle of ThunderFlees when attacked. You'll need to freeze it in place.
Carrion BirdsLevelLocationNotes
Can Be Tamed Upland Raven87Kun-Lai Summit
Can Be Tamed Cove Raven100-110Cove of Nashal, StormheimMakes noise when clicked.
Can Be Tamed Gluttonous Raven100-110StormheimMakes noise when clicked.
Can Be Tamed Greater Raven100-110Shield's Rest (BM Artifact Instance), Stormheim
Can Be Tamed Ravenous Stormcrow100-110Val'sharahMakes noise when clicked.

Carrion BirdsLevelLocationNotes
Cannot Be Tamed Runecrazed Raven100-110Haustvald, StormheimPossibly only present when the world quest "Pesty Nets" is active.