Blue-Silver Mana Wyrm

This creature is new in Legion!

Blue-Silver Mana Wyrm
Can Be Tamed Mana Wyrm1Sunstrider Isle, Eversong Woods
Can Be Tamed Mana Shifter12Sanctum of the Moon, Ghostlands
Can Be Tamed Mana Thirster54-55Mazthoril, Winterspring
Can Be Tamed Mana Leech64-70Mana-Tombs
Can Be Tamed Brightscale Wyrm68-70Halls of Theory, Magister's Terrace
Can Be Tamed Azsuna Mana Wyrm100-110Azsuna
Can Be Tamed Flashwyrm100-110Azurewing Repose, Azsuna
Can Be Tamed Spellwyrm110Falanaar Tunnels, Suramar

Cannot Be Tamed Nether Beast67-68Sunfury Hold, The Vortex Fields, Netherstorm
Cannot Be Tamed Rift Wyrm100-110Ley-Ruins of Zarkhenar, AzsunaAt Unbound Rift
Cannot Be Tamed Mana Wyrm110Court of Stars (Dungeon)
Cannot Be Tamed Shadescale Flyeater110Twilight Vineyards, SuramarCannot be attacked.
Cannot Be Tamed Shadescale Flyeater110Shal'Aran, SuramarCannot be attacked. Added at end of quest, "Vengeance for Margaux".
Cannot Be Tamed Spellwyrm110Falanaar Tunnels, Withered Training InstanceCurrently, erroneously, classed as a Humanoid.
Cannot Be Tamed Trained Shadescale111 EliteSuramar City, SuramarCannot be attacked.
Cannot Be Tamed Trained Shadescale111 EliteThe Nighthold (Raid)