Orange Spiny Basilisk

This creature is new in Legion!

Orange Spiny Basilisk
Can Be Tamed Baconlisk100-110 RareSuramarHisses when clicked.
Only present when the "Slab of Bacon" world quest is in Suramar.
Can Be Tamed Spinesever100-110 EliteRockaway Coast, HighmountainHisses when clicked.
Can Be Tamed Stonefang100-110 EliteStormheimHisses when clicked.
Shore SW of Talonrest, above waterfall.
Can Be Tamed Axetail Basilisk110Azurgale Cove, SuramarHisses when clicked.
Can Be Tamed Manascale Basilisk110Moonwhisper Gulch, SuramarHisses when clicked.
Also river west of Moonwhisper Gulch.
Can Be Tamed Starving Basilisk110Echoing Halls, HighmountainHisses when clicked.
Not present all the time.

Cannot Be Tamed Bruiser100-110 RareBitestone Enclave, Highmountain
Cannot Be Tamed Beamer110Echoing Halls, Highmountain
Cannot Be Tamed Waxeye Glazer110Echoing Halls, Highmountain