Purple Spiny Basilisk

This creature is new in Legion!

Purple Spiny Basilisk
Can Be Tamed Coldscale Deatheye100-110Neltharion's Vault & The Slave Enclave, Highmountain
Can Be Tamed Lagoon Basilisk100-110El'dranil Shallows, AzsunaHisses when clicked.
Can Be Tamed Leygazer100-110Leygazer's Den, Val'sharahHisses when clicked.
Cave by sea, SW of Black Rook Hold.
Can Be Tamed Leystone Basilisk100-110Stormheim & SuramarHisses when clicked.
Stormheim southern coast, west of Blackhawk's Bulwark. A cave under a waterfall in Tel'anor in Suramar.
Can Be Tamed Manaspine Basilisk100-110Bitestone Enclave, HighmountainHisses when clicked.
Can Be Tamed Leyscale Manalisk110SuramarHisses when clicked.
Also river west of Moonwhisper Gulch.
Can Be Tamed Managazer110Moonwhisper Gulch, SuramarHisses when clicked.
In a cave.

Cannot Be Tamed Leystone Basilisk100-110The Broken IslesRandom spawn while mining leystone.