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Look Sorted Up Look Name Family
White Bear Bear
Fel Draenor Boar Boar
Silver Draenor Boar Boar
Black Cat Cat
Black-Striped Black Cat Cat
Striped White Cat Cat
White Cat Cat
Black Saber Cat Cat
Black-Striped Black Saber Cat Cat
Lavender Saber Cat Cat
Striped White Saber Cat Cat
White Saber Cat Cat
Black Mystic Cat Cat
Striped White Mystic Cat Cat
Orange Core Hound Core Hound
Orange Core Hound Core Hound
Blue Crane Crane
Blue Direhorn Direhorn
Orange & Red Dragonhawk Dragonhawk
Orange Dragonhawk Dragonhawk
Pink & Purple Dragonhawk Dragonhawk
Purple & Cyan Dragonhawk Dragonhawk
Dark Hippogryph Feathermane
Brown Gryphon Feathermane
Brown Grand Gryphon Feathermane