Patch 5.1

37 New Looks

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Ghostly Tan BatGhostly Tan Bat Sapphire OwlSapphire Owl Ghostly Undead BoarGhostly Undead Boar Ghostly Blue VultureGhostly Blue Vulture
Ghostly White Two-Headed VultureGhostly White Two-Headed Vulture Ghostly Yellow Two-Headed VultureGhostly Yellow Two-Headed Vulture Ice CatIce Cat Hunched LionessHunched Lioness
Hunched Black Striped CatHunched Black Striped Cat Hunched Green Striped CatHunched Green Striped Cat Hunched Orange Spotted CatHunched Orange Spotted Cat Red-Black Deep Sea CrabRed-Black Deep Sea Crab
Ghostly Blue Demon DogGhostly Blue Demon Dog White Demon DogWhite Demon Dog Grey DragonhawkGrey Dragonhawk Black Monkey with FezBlack Monkey with Fez
Green & Blue MothGreen & Blue Moth White & Yellow MothWhite & Yellow Moth Orange & Red RavagerOrange & Red Ravager Blue Arcane WyrmBlue Arcane Wyrm
Purple Arcane WyrmPurple Arcane Wyrm Red Arcane WyrmRed Arcane Wyrm White Arcane WyrmWhite Arcane Wyrm Damaged Blue Silithid ColossusDamaged Blue Silithid Colossus
Damaged Orange Silithid ColossusDamaged Orange Silithid Colossus Damaged Pink Silithid ColossusDamaged Pink Silithid Colossus Blue & White Spiked Wind SerpentBlue & White Spiked Wind Serpent Grey & Green Spiked Wind SerpentGrey & Green Spiked Wind Serpent
Grey & Red Spiked Wind SerpentGrey & Red Spiked Wind Serpent Grey & Yellow Spiked Wind SerpentGrey & Yellow Spiked Wind Serpent Red & Grey Spiked Wind SerpentRed & Grey Spiked Wind Serpent White & Grey Spiked Wind SerpentWhite & Grey Spiked Wind Serpent
Yellow Spiked Wind SerpentYellow Spiked Wind Serpent Ghostly Black Saber WorgGhostly Black Saber Worg Ghostly Brown Saber WorgGhostly Brown Saber Worg Ghostly White WormGhostly White Worm
Purple SilkwormPurple Silkworm

149 New Rare Beasts

Can Be Tamed Acroniss55 RareTwilight's Run, Silithus Serpent
Can Be Tamed Alit35 RareWestern Plaguelands Bird of Prey
Can Be Tamed Alitus20 RareHillsbrad Foothills Bird of Prey Flies in a circle over a ruined tower near The Ruins of Southshore.
Can Be Tamed Anith37 RareDustwallow Marsh Wind Serpent
Can Be Tamed Aphis39 RareWestern Plaguelands Beetle
Can Be Tamed Arae26 RareStonetalon Mountains Carrion Bird
Can Be Tamed Arcanus54 RareWinterspring Dog
Can Be Tamed Avis48 RareDustfire Valley, Searing Gorge Raptor
Can Be Tamed Azelisk51 RareBurning Steppes Ravager On a rise on the northern border, north of Dreadmaul Rock.
Can Be Tamed Barnacle Jim40 RareThousand Needles Crab
Can Be Tamed Blackbog the Fang46 RareJaedenar, Felwood Nether Ray
Can Be Tamed Blackshell the Impenetrable45 RareLethlor Ravine, Badlands Scorpid At the north end of Lethlor Ravine.
Can Be Tamed Bleakheart42 RareEastern Plaguelands Dog By the side of Stephen Browman, a quest mob.
Can Be Tamed Bombyx90 Rare EliteKrasarang Wilds Worm
See this video for tracking information.
Can Be Tamed Bonechewer7 RareTirisfal Glades Carrion Bird Flies in a slow circle around the top of the tower.
Can Be Tamed Bornak the Gorer54 RareThe Hidden Grove, Winterspring Rhino
Can Be Tamed Bornix the Burrower59 RareHive'Regal, Silithus Silithid
Can Be Tamed Boros28 RareDabyrie's Farmstead, Arathi Highlands Wasp Due north of Dabyrie's Farmstead.
Can Be Tamed Bruiser52 RareWinterspring Rhino
Can Be Tamed Bushtail9 RareElwynn Forest Fox
Can Be Tamed Cackle28 RareFaldir's Cove, Arathi Highlands Bird of Prey On a little patch of upraised rock.
Can Be Tamed Carcinak23 RareHillsbrad Foothills Crab
Can Be Tamed Catal51 RareValley of Ashes, Burning Steppes Carrion Bird
Can Be Tamed Chiaa53 RareBurning Steppes Wind Serpent
Can Be Tamed Chops25 RareWetlands Crocolisk
Can Be Tamed Chordix24 RareHillsbrad Foothills Worm
Swimming in the little pool south of Tarren Mill.
Can Be Tamed Chromehound49 RareBlackrock Mountain Core Hound
Does a loop of the circular road inside the mountain.
Can Be Tamed Chupacabros53 RareSwamp of Sorrows Raptor
Can Be Tamed Cida45 RareFelwood Wasp Stays larger than most tamed wasps.
Can Be Tamed Corpsefeeder18 RareSilverpine Forest Carrion Bird
Can Be Tamed Craw the Ravager24 RareHillsbrad Foothills Crocolisk
Can Be Tamed Crystalback48 RareSearing Gorge Boar
Can Be Tamed Crystalfang49 RareBlackrock Mountain Shale Spider
Just a little away from the Blackrock Depths instance portal, surrounded by aggressive dwarves.
Can Be Tamed Cyn41 RareThousand Needles Wasp Stays larger than most tamed wasps. On cliffs, south-east of Razorfen Downs.
Can Be Tamed Deathstrike49 RareLethlor Ravine, Badlands Ravager Spawns atop a pile of bones on a rise on the southern border, south-east corner of Lethlor Ravine.
Can Be Tamed Dilennaa48 RareFelwood Worm
Under water.
Can Be Tamed Duskcoat47 RareFelwood Cat
Can Be Tamed Dustflight the Cowardly29 RareStonetalon Mountains Tallstrider Makes noise when clicked.
Has vocalizations when clicked. On a small grassy patch northwest of Sunrock Retreat.
Can Be Tamed Dustwing22 RarePurgation Isle, Hillsbrad Foothills Moth
Can Be Tamed Fangor5 RareTirisfal Glades Bat Found in Deathknell up in the mountains.
Can Be Tamed Favored of Isiset51 RareBurning Steppes Carrion Bird
Can Be Tamed Fene-mal41 RareEastern Plaguelands Carrion Bird Flies in a circle around the ruins of a house.
Can Be Tamed Feras25 RareStonetalon Mountains Cat
Can Be Tamed Ffexk the Dunestalker55 RareHive'Zora, Silithus Wasp
Can Be Tamed Fidonis48 RareFelwood Dog
Can Be Tamed Finn's Gambit16 RareSilverpine Forest Boar
Can Be Tamed Gal'dorak50 RareWinterspring Rhino
Can Be Tamed Gezan49 RareFelwood Warp Stalker
Can Be Tamed Gib the Banana-Hoarder52 RareSwamp of Sorrows Monkey Makes noise when clicked.
Can Be Tamed Glint29 RareCircle Of Inner Binding, Arathi Highlands Shale Spider
Circle of Inner Binding
Can Be Tamed Gnath12 RareSilverpine Forest Worm
Swims in a little pool under a bridge.
Can Be Tamed Goldenback26 RareGreatwood Vale, Stonetalon Mountains Gorilla
Can Be Tamed Grizzled Ben6 RareMirror Lake Orchard, Elwynn Forest Bear
Can Be Tamed Grovepaw45 RareFelwood Wolf
Can Be Tamed Hamhide37 RareWestern Plaguelands Boar
Can Be Tamed Heress39 RareWestern Plaguelands Carrion Bird
Can Be Tamed Heronis38 RareDustwallow Marsh Bird of Prey North-east of Brackenwall Village.
Can Be Tamed Hibernus the Sleeper7 RareTirisfal Glades Bear Slightly hidden behind a big, fallen tree.
Can Be Tamed Hogzilla47 RareBlackchar Cave, Searing Gorge Boar Outside the sealed cave in the far southwest of the zone.
Can Be Tamed Hugeclaw38 RareDustwallow Marsh Crab Two islands east of Direhorn Post.
Can Be Tamed Iceclaw50 RareFrostsaber Rock, Winterspring Cat
Can Be Tamed Ionis53 RareThe Shifting Mire, Swamp of Sorrows Wind Serpent
Can Be Tamed Iriss the Widow27 RareSishir Canyon, Stonetalon Mountains Spider
Can Be Tamed Ironweb37 RareWestern Plaguelands Spider
Can Be Tamed Jaxx the Rabid52 RareBurning Steppes Hyena On a rise due west of Flame Crest.
Can Be Tamed Kalixx48 RareBadlands Ravager North edge of the Dustbowl, well south-west of Angor Fortress.
Can Be Tamed Karapax56 RareSilithus Ravager North-east of Hive'Ashi.
Can Be Tamed Kash52 RareSwamp of Sorrows Cat
Can Be Tamed Kaxx40 RareThousand Needles Silithid
Under water.
Can Be Tamed Khep-Re28 RareUnearthed Grounds, Stonetalon Mountains Beetle Highest level, under a platform.
Can Be Tamed Kree10 RareSilverpine Forest Bat
Can Be Tamed Lamepaw the Whimperer5 RareCrystal Lake, Elwynn Forest Wolf
Can Be Tamed Likk the Hunter42 RareEastern Plaguelands Spider
Can Be Tamed Little Bjorn21 RareHillsbrad Foothills Bear Amongst the Infested Bears, above Azurelode Mine.
Can Be Tamed Lopex23 RareHillsbrad Foothills Fox Inside a hollowed-out tree stump.
Can Be Tamed Losaj58 RareHive'Zora, Silithus Silithid
Can Be Tamed Lost Gilnean Wardog14 RareSilverpine Forest Dog Frantically circles an abandoned camp above Deep Elem Mine.
Can Be Tamed Magmagan51 RareBurning Steppes Core Hound
Just to the west of Blackrock Stronghold.
Can Be Tamed Manas51 RareWinterspring Dragonhawk
Can Be Tamed Manax57 RareHive'Regal, Silithus Silithid
Can Be Tamed Mange35 RareWestern Plaguelands Bear
Can Be Tamed Miasmiss20 RareAzurelode Mine, Hillsbrad Foothills Spider Aggressive to both Alliance AND Horde, unlike the others in that area; spawns deep in the mine.
Can Be Tamed Mutilax38 RareWestern Plaguelands Wasp
Can Be Tamed Needle47 RareFelwood Spider
Can Be Tamed Needlefang47 RareBadlands Ravager On a rise on the southern border, south-east of Agmond's End.
Can Be Tamed Nighthowl9 RareTirisfal Glades Wolf
Can Be Tamed Norissis51 RareWinterspring Chimaera
Just west of The Hidden Grove.
Can Be Tamed Nyaj41 RareThousand Needles Silithid
Under water, near Splithoof Crag.
Can Be Tamed Nychus39 RareThe Dragonmurk, Dustwallow Marsh Raptor Near the Bloodfen raptors in the south.
Can Be Tamed Orlix the Swamplord54 RareSwamp of Sorrows Wasp
Can Be Tamed Ornat51 RareBlack Tooth Hovel, Burning Steppes Nether Ray
Can Be Tamed Paraliss39 RareDustwallow Marsh Spider Very large!
Can Be Tamed Parasitus38 RareWestern Plaguelands Worm
Swims around in the lake. Very large!
Can Be Tamed Phalanax26 RareBoulderfist Hall, Arathi Highlands Beetle Within the western ogre cave
Can Be Tamed Plague8 RareGarren's Haunt, Tirisfal Glades Dog Inside a barn.
Can Be Tamed Qem57 RareHive'Ashi, Silithus Silithid
Can Be Tamed Qu'rik58 RareHive'Ashi, Silithus Silithid
Can Be Tamed Quall25 RareStonetalon Mountains Bird of Prey South of Windshear Hold.
Can Be Tamed Quetzl52 RareWinterspring Wind Serpent In the mountains just southeast of Owl Wing Thicket.
Can Be Tamed Quirix43 RareEastern Plaguelands Beetle In the lowest level of the crypt.
Can Be Tamed Rexxus47 RarePyrox Flats, Searing Gorge Dog Among the dwarves, fast asleep.
Can Be Tamed Ripwing27 RareArathi Highlands Carrion Bird
Can Be Tamed Ronak53 RareWinterspring Chimaera
In mountains just north of Everlook.
Can Be Tamed Roth-Salam39 RareDustwallow Marsh Beetle Very large in the wild, but shrinks to a regular size after taming.
Can Be Tamed Rrakk42 Rare EliteSplithoof Heights, Thousand Needles Bat Makes noise when clicked.
Far north of area.
Can Be Tamed Saurix26 RareArathi Highlands Raptor Due north of Refuge Point
Can Be Tamed Scintillex39 RareDustwallow Marsh Shale Spider
Found on a ledge within the cave.
Can Be Tamed Scorpoxx47 RareFirewatch Ridge, Searing Gorge Scorpid Found deep within the caves.
Can Be Tamed Scruff36 RareDustwallow Marsh Boar Just north of the Shady Rest Inn.
Can Be Tamed Seawing54 RareMisty Reed Strand, Swamp of Sorrows Tallstrider Makes noise when clicked.
Has vocalizations when clicked.
Can Be Tamed Serkett48 RareBadlands Scorpid North edge of the Dustbowl, northeast of New Kargath.
Can Be Tamed Shadowstalker6 RareTirisfal Glades Spider Inside a fireplace.
Can Be Tamed Shimmerscale52 RareSwamp of Sorrows Serpent On a tiny island.
Can Be Tamed Skyshadow43 RareSplithoof Heights, Thousand Needles Wind Serpent
Can Be Tamed Slavermaw48 Rare EliteSearing Gorge Devilsaur
Can Be Tamed Snark44 RareEastern Plaguelands Hyena
Can Be Tamed Snips49 RareThe Cauldron, Searing Gorge Scorpid In a cave.
Can Be Tamed Snoot the Rooter7 RareElwynn Forest Boar In the center of the pumpkin patch.
Can Be Tamed Snort41 RareEastern Plaguelands Wolf
Can Be Tamed Snuffles27 RareNorthfold Manor, Arathi Highlands Dog In a small shed.
Can Be Tamed Sparkwing27 RareBoulderslide Cavern, Stonetalon Mountains Wind Serpent
Can Be Tamed Spinecrawl49 RareFelwood Ravager
Can Be Tamed Spirocula40 RareEastern Plaguelands Worm
Paths around a very obvious patch of smoking black ground scattered with bones.
Can Be Tamed Sporeggon44 RareEastern Plaguelands Sporebat
Can Be Tamed Strix the Barbed47 RareThe Admiral's Den, Thousand Needles Ravager
Can Be Tamed Sunwing51 RareBurning Steppes Dragonhawk In the far southwest corner of the zone.
Can Be Tamed Swee27 RareGo'Shek Farm, Arathi Highlands Boar At Go'shek farm in some stables.
Can Be Tamed Tabbs47 RareBadlands Cat In a corner of the mountains, far southeast of Bloodwatcher Point and just southeast of a Reliquary camp.
Can Be Tamed Tarantis7 RareElwynn Forest Spider
Can Be Tamed Tenok28 RareStonetalon Mountains Raptor In a small cave just east of Thal'darah Grove.
Can Be Tamed Teromak36 RareDustwallow Marsh Wasp North-west of Direhorn Post.
Can Be Tamed Terrapis8 RareElwynn Forest Turtle
Can Be Tamed The Barbed Horror44 RareThousand Needles Scorpid Cliffs just west of passage to Tanaris.
Can Be Tamed The Dark Prowler21 RareHillsbrad Foothills Cat
Can Be Tamed The Deep Tunneler53 RareMazthoril, Winterspring Worm
Can Be Tamed Thicket46 RareFelpaw Village, Felwood Moth
Can Be Tamed Tix59 RareAhn'Qiraj: The Fallen Kingdom Silithid
Can Be Tamed Toxx56 RareHive'Ashi, Silithus Scorpid
Can Be Tamed Tracker36 RareWestern Plaguelands Dog
Can Be Tamed Varah43 RareEastern Plaguelands Boar
Can Be Tamed Venomclaw42 RareThousand Needles Scorpid On Cliffs east of passage to Tanaris.
Can Be Tamed Venomspine51 RareBurning Steppes Ravager In a mountain pocket south-west of the Altar of Storms.
Can Be Tamed Volux29 RareThal'darah Grove, Stonetalon Mountains Wasp
Can Be Tamed Vorticus48 RareBadlands Warp Stalker North edge of the Dustbowl, just north-east of New Kargath.
Can Be Tamed Warg36 RareWestern Plaguelands Wolf
Can Be Tamed Weevil22 RareHillsbrad Foothills Beetle
Can Be Tamed Yukiko53 RareSwamp of Sorrows Wind Serpent
Can Be Tamed Zormus47 RareBadlands Warp Stalker Inside a crypt by Dustwind Dig.
Can Be Tamed Zorn28 RareThoradin's Wall, Arathi Highlands Spider Currently has an odd phasing bug. Can only be seen from over border in Hillsbrad. If you move into Arathi it phases out.