Mists of Pandaria

Unleash the Pets of a Lost Continent

The numbers above are totals, but you can also see the info broken down by patch:

New Pet Families

Check out the overview of all new families.

Basilisks Cranes Goats Porcupines Quilen* Water Striders*

* Exotic Family

Patch 5.2 added a cool new family that requires a special skill to tame:


New Looks - Highlights

This is just a teaser of the 100+ new pet looks that will be available for taming.

Blue Basilisk w/Purple FringesBlue Basilisk w/Purple Fringes Red Outland BasiliskRed Outland Basilisk Black Grand TigerBlack Grand Tiger Pink CranePink Crane
Brown Spotted GoatBrown Spotted Goat Gray PorcupineGray Porcupine Red QuilenRed Quilen Black Fen StriderBlack Fen Strider

Pet Talent Specializations

Starting with Patch 5.0, pet talent trees are no more. Instead you get to choose a talent specialization for your pet. And instead of choosing individual talents as you level, each pet spec comes with a handful of talents you can use (mostly) right off the bat.

New & Changed Pet Family Abilities

In addition to new pet families with all new family abilities, some existing pet families are getting new abilities.

Other Resources

The hunter class sees some big changes in Mists of Pandaria, including a talent system overhaul, the removal of melee weapons, and changes to stats, glyphs, and abilities. We recommend Warcraft Hunters Union for keeping up with the latest hunter class changes.