NOTE: Starting with Patch 5.0.4, pets will remember what look they had when they were tamed. This means that you can no longer tame color-changing pets - what you tame is what you get! Previously tamed color-changers, however, will continue to pick a random look when they are called.

161 New Pet Looks Since Mists of Pandaria

This is a list of all the new pet looks added since Mists of Pandaria that are available for hunters to tame.

See only the new looks from: Patch 5.1, Patch 5.2

Black Basilisk w/Blue FringesBlack Basilisk w/Blue Fringes Black Basilisk w/Jade FringesBlack Basilisk w/Jade Fringes Black Basilisk w/Orange FringesBlack Basilisk w/Orange Fringes Black Basilisk w/Purple FringesBlack Basilisk w/Purple Fringes
Blue Basilisk w/Blue FringesBlue Basilisk w/Blue Fringes Blue Basilisk w/Jade FringesBlue Basilisk w/Jade Fringes Blue Basilisk w/Orange FringesBlue Basilisk w/Orange Fringes Blue Basilisk w/Purple FringesBlue Basilisk w/Purple Fringes
Burgundy Basilisk w/Blue FringesBurgundy Basilisk w/Blue Fringes Burgundy Basilisk w/Jade FringesBurgundy Basilisk w/Jade Fringes Burgundy Basilisk w/Orange FringesBurgundy Basilisk w/Orange Fringes Burgundy Basilisk w/Purple FringesBurgundy Basilisk w/Purple Fringes
Green Basilisk w/Blue FringesGreen Basilisk w/Blue Fringes Green Basilisk w/Jade FringesGreen Basilisk w/Jade Fringes Green Basilisk w/Orange FringesGreen Basilisk w/Orange Fringes Green Basilisk w/Purple FringesGreen Basilisk w/Purple Fringes
Orange-Purple Basilisk w/Blue FringesOrange-Purple Basilisk w/Blue Fringes Orange-Purple Basilisk w/Jade FringesOrange-Purple Basilisk w/Jade Fringes Orange-Purple Basilisk w/Orange FringesOrange-Purple Basilisk w/Orange Fringes Orange-Purple Basilisk w/Purple FringesOrange-Purple Basilisk w/Purple Fringes
Purple Basilisk w/Blue FringesPurple Basilisk w/Blue Fringes Red Basilisk w/Blue FringesRed Basilisk w/Blue Fringes Red Basilisk w/Jade FringesRed Basilisk w/Jade Fringes Red Basilisk w/Orange FringesRed Basilisk w/Orange Fringes
Red Basilisk w/Purple FringesRed Basilisk w/Purple Fringes White Basilisk w/Blue FringesWhite Basilisk w/Blue Fringes White Basilisk w/Jade FringesWhite Basilisk w/Jade Fringes White Basilisk w/Orange FringesWhite Basilisk w/Orange Fringes
White Basilisk w/Purple FringesWhite Basilisk w/Purple Fringes Yellow Basilisk w/Blue FringesYellow Basilisk w/Blue Fringes Yellow Basilisk w/Jade FringesYellow Basilisk w/Jade Fringes Yellow Basilisk w/Orange FringesYellow Basilisk w/Orange Fringes
Yellow Basilisk w/Purple FringesYellow Basilisk w/Purple Fringes Green Outland BasiliskGreen Outland Basilisk Purple Outland BasiliskPurple Outland Basilisk Red Outland BasiliskRed Outland Basilisk
Yellow Outland BasiliskYellow Outland Basilisk Ghostly Tan BatGhostly Tan Bat Sapphire OwlSapphire Owl Brown ParrotBrown Parrot
Gold Condor (Bird of Prey)Gold Condor (Bird of Prey) Raven (Bird of Prey)Raven (Bird of Prey) Ghostly Undead BoarGhostly Undead Boar Ghostly Blue VultureGhostly Blue Vulture
Ghostly White Two-Headed VultureGhostly White Two-Headed Vulture Ghostly Yellow Two-Headed VultureGhostly Yellow Two-Headed Vulture Raven (Carrion Bird)Raven (Carrion Bird) Ice CatIce Cat
Hunched LionessHunched Lioness Hunched Black Striped CatHunched Black Striped Cat Hunched Green Striped CatHunched Green Striped Cat Hunched Jade CatHunched Jade Cat
Hunched Orange Spotted CatHunched Orange Spotted Cat Black Grand TigerBlack Grand Tiger Brown Grand TigerBrown Grand Tiger Green Grand TigerGreen Grand Tiger
Grey Grand TigerGrey Grand Tiger Orange Grand TigerOrange Grand Tiger Orange Grand Tiger w/Pink NoseOrange Grand Tiger w/Pink Nose Red Grand TigerRed Grand Tiger
White Grand TigerWhite Grand Tiger Blue w/Blue Spiked CrabBlue w/Blue Spiked Crab Green w/Purple Spiked CrabGreen w/Purple Spiked Crab Metallic Blue Spiked CrabMetallic Blue Spiked Crab
Orange w/Blue Spiked CrabOrange w/Blue Spiked Crab Orange w/Purple Spiked CrabOrange w/Purple Spiked Crab Red w/Blue Spiked CrabRed w/Blue Spiked Crab Red w/Purple Spiked CrabRed w/Purple Spiked Crab
Red-Black Spiked CrabRed-Black Spiked Crab Black CraneBlack Crane Blue CraneBlue Crane Brown CraneBrown Crane
Green CraneGreen Crane Pink CranePink Crane White CraneWhite Crane Ghostly Blue Demon DogGhostly Blue Demon Dog
White Demon DogWhite Demon Dog Grey DragonhawkGrey Dragonhawk Black GoatBlack Goat Black Spotted GoatBlack Spotted Goat
Brown GoatBrown Goat Brown Spotted GoatBrown Spotted Goat Grey GoatGrey Goat White GoatWhite Goat
Black Monkey with FezBlack Monkey with Fez Blue & Beige MothBlue & Beige Moth Green & Beige MothGreen & Beige Moth Green & Blue MothGreen & Blue Moth
White & Yellow MothWhite & Yellow Moth Blue PorcupineBlue Porcupine Brown PorcupineBrown Porcupine Gray PorcupineGray Porcupine
Red PorcupineRed Porcupine White PorcupineWhite Porcupine Yellow PorcupineYellow Porcupine Brown QuilenBrown Quilen
Gray QuilenGray Quilen Red QuilenRed Quilen White QuilenWhite Quilen Purple Stone QuilenPurple Stone Quilen
Stone QuilenStone Quilen Blue Armored Stone QuilenBlue Armored Stone Quilen Green Armored Stone QuilenGreen Armored Stone Quilen Purple Armored Stone QuilenPurple Armored Stone Quilen
Red Armored Stone QuilenRed Armored Stone Quilen Saddled Orange RaptorSaddled Orange Raptor Armored Orange RaptorArmored Orange Raptor Armored Red RaptorArmored Red Raptor
Orange & Red RavagerOrange & Red Ravager Orange Armored ScorpionOrange Armored Scorpion Blue Arcane WyrmBlue Arcane Wyrm Purple Arcane WyrmPurple Arcane Wyrm
Red Arcane WyrmRed Arcane Wyrm White Arcane WyrmWhite Arcane Wyrm Damaged Blue Silithid ColossusDamaged Blue Silithid Colossus Damaged Orange Silithid ColossusDamaged Orange Silithid Colossus
Damaged Pink Silithid ColossusDamaged Pink Silithid Colossus Black Dragon TurtleBlack Dragon Turtle Brown Dragon TurtleBrown Dragon Turtle Camo Dragon TurtleCamo Dragon Turtle
Gold Dragon TurtleGold Dragon Turtle Green Dragon TurtleGreen Dragon Turtle Red Dragon TurtleRed Dragon Turtle Black Spiked Dragon TurtleBlack Spiked Dragon Turtle
Brown Spiked Dragon TurtleBrown Spiked Dragon Turtle Camo Spiked Dragon TurtleCamo Spiked Dragon Turtle Gold Spiked Dragon TurtleGold Spiked Dragon Turtle Green Spiked Dragon TurtleGreen Spiked Dragon Turtle
Purple Boss WaspPurple Boss Wasp Blue Water StriderBlue Water Strider Green Water StriderGreen Water Strider Orange Water StriderOrange Water Strider
White Water StriderWhite Water Strider Yellow Water StriderYellow Water Strider Blue Armored Water StriderBlue Armored Water Strider Green Armored Water StriderGreen Armored Water Strider
Orange Armored Water StriderOrange Armored Water Strider Red Armored Water StriderRed Armored Water Strider Yellow Armored Water StriderYellow Armored Water Strider Black Fen StriderBlack Fen Strider
Blue Fen StriderBlue Fen Strider Green Fen StriderGreen Fen Strider White Fen StriderWhite Fen Strider Blue & White Spiked Wind SerpentBlue & White Spiked Wind Serpent
Grey & Green Spiked Wind SerpentGrey & Green Spiked Wind Serpent Grey & Red Spiked Wind SerpentGrey & Red Spiked Wind Serpent Grey & Yellow Spiked Wind SerpentGrey & Yellow Spiked Wind Serpent Red & Grey Spiked Wind SerpentRed & Grey Spiked Wind Serpent
White & Grey Spiked Wind SerpentWhite & Grey Spiked Wind Serpent Yellow Spiked Wind SerpentYellow Spiked Wind Serpent Ghostly Black Saber WorgGhostly Black Saber Worg Ghostly Brown Saber WorgGhostly Brown Saber Worg
Ghostly White Saber WorgGhostly White Saber Worg Medium Lightning Saber WorgMedium Lightning Saber Worg Ghostly White WormGhostly White Worm Green LarvaGreen Larva
Blue SilkwormBlue Silkworm Green SilkwormGreen Silkworm Purple SilkwormPurple Silkworm Red SilkwormRed Silkworm
Yellow SilkwormYellow Silkworm