Exotic Family: You must be be in the Beast Master talent spec to tame these pets! (Previously you had to be level 69 as well, but that changed in Patch 6.2. Now you just have to be BM spec, which you can choose at level 10.)

Blue WormBlue Brown WormBrown Ghostly White WormGhostly White Green WormGreen
Grey WormGrey Pink WormPink White WormWhite Yellow WormYellow


Black JormungarBlack Blue JormungarBlue Bright Green JormungarBright Green Ghost JormungarGhost
Green JormungarGreen Purple JormungarPurple Red JormungarRed White JormungarWhite


Blue SilkwormBlue Green SilkwormGreen Purple SilkwormPurple Red SilkwormRed
Yellow SilkwormYellow

Worms That Can't Be Tamed

Brown LarvaBrown Green LarvaGreen Purple LarvaPurple Red LarvaRed
White LarvaWhite Yellow LarvaYellow Grey Toothed LarvaGrey Magenta Toothed LarvaMagenta
Purple Toothed LarvaPurple Red Toothed LarvaRed Amber GyrewormAmber Blue GyrewormBlue
Orange GyrewormOrange Red GyrewormRed

Unused Worm Looks

Blue Toothed LarvaBlue Purple GyrewormPurple