Black WolfBlack Diseased Black WolfDiseased Ghost WolfGhost Grey WolfGrey
Tan WolfTan White WolfWhite


Bicolor WorgBicolor Black WorgBlack Brown WorgBrown Dark Brown WorgDark Brown
Dark Grey WorgDark Grey Ghost Grey WolfGhost Grey WorgGrey Red WorgRed
White WorgWhite

Saber Worgs

Black Saber WorgBlack Brown Saber WorgBrown Ghostly Black Saber WorgGhostly Black Ghostly Brown Saber WorgGhostly Brown
Ghostly White Saber WorgGhostly White Grey Saber WorgGrey Medium Lightning Saber WorgMedium Lightning Saber Worg White Saber WorgWhite

Saddled Worgs

Saddled Black WorgBlack

Wolves That Can't Be Tamed

Saddled Dark Gray WorgDark Grey

Unused Wolf Looks

Pale Lightning Saber WorgPale Lightning Saber Worg Saddled Brown WorgBrown Saddled Dark Brown WorgDark Brown Saddled Ice Blue WorgIce Blue
Saddled Light Gray WorgLight Grey

Other Beasts With Similar Looks

Lightning Saber WorgLightning Saber Worg Spectral WolfSpectral Wolf Blue Runed Demon DogBlue Runed Demon Dog Green Runed Demon DogGreen Runed Demon Dog
Red Runed Demon DogRed Runed Demon Dog