Spirit Beasts

Exotic Family: You must be be in the Beast Master talent spec to tame these pets! (Previously you had to be level 69 as well, but that changed in Patch 6.2. Now you just have to be BM spec, which you can choose at level 10.)

Green Ghost OwlGreen Ghost Owl Shadowy Draenor WolfShadowy Purple Spectral BearSpectral Bear Spectral Spiked CrabSpectral Spiked Crab

Spirit Cats

Blue Spectral Saber TigerBlue Spectral Saber Tiger Green Spectral Saber TigerGreen Spectral Saber Tiger Spectral Saber TigerSpectral Saber Tiger Spirit LeopardSpirit Leopard

Spirit Wolves

Lightning Saber WorgLightning Saber Worg Spectral WolfSpectral Wolf

Spirit Porcupines

Blue Spectral PorcupineGhostly Blue Green Spectral PorcupineGhostly Green Red Spectral PorcupineGhostly Red

Other Beasts With Similar Looks

Ghost CrocoliskGhost Crocolisk Glowing Blue CatGlowing Blue Cat Glowing Light Green CatGlowing Light Green Cat Glowing Purple CatGlowing Purple Cat
White Ghost CatWhite Ghost Cat Ghost JormungarGhost Jormungar Glowing Blue Saber CatGlowing Blue Saber Cat Glowing Light Green Saber CatGlowing Light Green Saber Cat
Glowing Purple Saber CatGlowing Purple Saber Cat Shadowy Draenor WolfShadowy Draenor Wolf Green SlimeGreen Slime Hunched Glowing Blue CatHunched Glowing Blue Cat
Hunched Glowing Light Green CatHunched Glowing Light Green Cat Hunched Glowing Purple CatHunched Glowing Purple Cat Black-Red Lightning Saber WorgBlack-Red Lightning Saber Worg Brown-Blue Lightning Saber WorgBrown-Blue Lightning Saber Worg
Brown-Green Lightning Saber WorgBrown-Green Lightning Saber Worg Grey-Purple Lightning Saber WorgGrey-Purple Lightning Saber Worg Medium Lightning Saber WorgMedium Lightning Saber Worg Pale Lightning Saber WorgPale Lightning Saber Worg