Carrion Birds


Blue VultureBlue Brown VultureBrown Ghostly Blue VultureGhostly Blue Red VultureRed
VultureBlack White VultureWhite


Blue CondorBlue Gold Condor (Carrion Bird)Gold White CondorWhite

Two-Headed Vultures

Ghostly Blue Two-Headed VultureGhostly Blue Two-Headed Vulture Ghostly White Two-Headed VultureGhostly White Ghostly Yellow Two-Headed VultureGhostly Yellow Two-headed Blue VultureBlue
Two-Headed Green VultureGreen Two-Headed Red VultureRed Two-Headed White VultureWhite Two-Headed Yellow VulturesYellow


Blue-Black TeroclawBlue-Black Red-Brown TeroclawRed-Brown Yellow-Brown TeroclawYellow-Brown Young Red TeroclawYoung Red

Other Carrion Birds

Raven (Carrion Bird)Raven (Carrion Bird)

Carrion Birds That Can't Be Tamed

Red & Black TeroclawRed & Black

Unused Carrion Bird Looks

Blue RocBlue Nightmare RocNightmare Orange-Black RocOrange-Black Red-Black RocRed-Black
Teal-Green RocTeal-Green

Other Beasts With Similar Looks

Gold Condor (Bird of Prey)Gold Condor (Bird of Prey) Raven (Bird of Prey)Raven (Bird of Prey) SeagullSeagull