Black BoarBlack Brown BoarBrown Ghostly Undead BoarGhostly Undead Grey BoarGrey
Red BoarRed Undead BoarUndead Yellow BoarYellow

Armored Boars

Armored Black BoarBlack Armored Brown BoarBrown Armored Brown Ghost BoarGhostly Brown Armored Grey BoarGrey


Black & Green FelboarBlack & Green Blue & White FelboarBlue & White Grey & Orange FelboarGrey & Orange Red & Black FelboarRed & Black
Yellow & Black FelboarYellow & Black

Boars That Can't Be Tamed

Armoured Grey-Brown  Draenor BoarGrey-Brown

Upcoming Boars

Black Draenor BoarBlack Brown  Draenor BoarBrown Grey-Brown  Draenor BoarGrey-Brown Silver Draenor BoarSilver
White Draenor BoarWhite

Unused Boar Looks

Armoured Black Draenor BoarBlack Armoured Brown Draenor BoarBrown Armoured Silver Draenor BoarSilver Armoured White Draenor BoarWhite