Black BoarBlack Brown BoarBrown Ghostly Undead BoarGhostly Undead Grey BoarGrey
Red BoarRed Undead BoarUndead Yellow BoarYellow

Draenor Boars

Black Draenor BoarBlack Brown  Draenor BoarBrown Grey-Brown  Draenor BoarGrey-Brown Silver Draenor BoarSilver
White Draenor BoarWhite

Armored Boars

Armored Black BoarBlack Armored Brown BoarBrown Armored Brown Ghost BoarGhostly Brown Armored Grey BoarGrey


Black & Green FelboarBlack & Green Blue & White FelboarBlue & White Grey & Orange FelboarGrey & Orange Red & Black FelboarRed & Black
Yellow & Black FelboarYellow & Black

Boars That Can't Be Tamed

Armoured Grey-Brown  Draenor BoarGrey-Brown

Unused Boar Looks

Armoured Black Draenor BoarBlack Armoured Brown Draenor BoarBrown Armoured Silver Draenor BoarSilver Armoured White Draenor BoarWhite