Birds of Prey


Black OwlBlack Brown OwlBrown Dark Brown OwlDark Brown Ghostly Green OwlGhostly Green
Green OwlGreen Grey OwlGrey Purple OwlPurple Red & Purple OwlRed & Purple
Red OwlRed Sapphire OwlSapphire Spectral OwlSpectral White OwlWhite


Bald EagleBald Brown EagleBrown Light Brown EagleLight Brown White EagleWhite

Draenor Kaliri

Black Draenor KaliriBlack Brown Draenor KaliriBrown Red Draenor KaliriRed


Blue ParrotBlue Brown ParrotBrown Dark Red ParrotDark Red Green & Red ParrotGreen & Red
Green & Yellow ParrotGreen & Yellow Grey ParrotGrey Purple ParrotPurple Red ParrotRed
White ParrotWhite


Black AxebeakBlack Blue AxebeakBlue Green AxebeakGreen Red AxebeakRed

Other Birds of Prey

Black HawkBlack Hawk Brown HawkBrown Hawk Gold Condor (Bird of Prey)Gold Condor (Bird of Prey) Raven (Bird of Prey)Raven (Bird of Prey)
SeagullSeagull Undead EagleUndead Eagle

Birds of Prey That Can't Be Tamed

Armored Dread RavenArmored Armored Dread RavenArmored Blue Dread RavenBlue Purple Dread RavenPurple

Unused Bird of Prey Looks

Brown Warden OwlBrown Dark Warden OwlDark Pale Warden OwlPale Purple Warden OwlPurple
Fiery Draenor KaliriFiery Brown Dread RavenBrown Fiery Dread RavenFiery Red

Other Beasts With Similar Looks

Gold Condor (Carrion Bird)Gold Condor (Carrion Bird) Mechanical AxebeakMechanical Axebeak Raven (Carrion Bird)Raven (Carrion Bird)