Patch 4.2

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10 New Looks

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Hunched Black Gem CatHunched Black Gem Cat Gem CrabGem Crab Green Fire SpiderGreen Fire Spider Orange Fire SpiderOrange Fire Spider
Purple Fire SpiderPurple Fire Spider Red Fire SpiderRed Fire Spider Yellow Fire SpiderYellow Fire Spider Green Ghost OwlGreen Ghost Owl
Blue Spectral Saber TigerBlue Spectral Saber Tiger Green Spectral Saber TigerGreen Spectral Saber Tiger

Challenge Tames

Blizzard has added 8 new rare tamable beasts, each of which provides a unique taming challenge for hunters.

Players will need to progress through the Hyjal Regrowth and Molten Front daily questing areas in order to unlock all of the taming challenges.

Ban'thalosBan'thalos flies high - very high. That's great for a bird but not so good for the hunter trying to tame him.
AnhkaThe better prepared you are for Anhka, the more damage he does to you.
MagriaMagria is a lot like Anhka - except fast. Very fast.
SolixSolix will burn you to a cinder if you aren't careful.
KirixThe poison that Kirix spews everywhere does extra damage to pets and minions, but it's not so healthy for hunters either.
AnthrissBeware the Web of Doom!
SkitterflameSkitterflame is too hot to tame (literally!) until you cool him down.
Deth'tilacDeth'tilac has a Molten Will that keeps him immune to Tame Beast until his health is low enough. And he has a lot of health.

New Pet Stance: Assist

The Aggressive pet stance has been removed and replaced with the Assist stance. This stance will cause the player's pet to attack the player's target. The pet will not change targets unless the master attacks a new target for a few seconds.

In addition, the Defensive pet stance will now only cause the player's pet to attack enemies which attack the pet or the master. Before, a pet in the Defensive stance would also attack anything the master attacked - but this is now covered by the Assist stance.

Intervene Redesigned

The Tenacity pet talent Intervene has been redesigned.

The pet runs at high speed toward a group member as before, but now the pet reduces the damage done by the next melee or ranged attack made against them equal to 50% of the pet's total health.