Patch 4.1

Pet Happiness

Starting in Patch 4.1, hunters no longer need to worry about keeping their pets happy.

Q: What about the damage bonus from happiness?
A: The previous +25% damage for a happy pet is now built into all pets.

Q: What about the pet talents that affected happiness?
A: Bloodthirsty, Carrion Feeder, and Guard Dog no longer have any effect on pet happiness. They still have their other effects (health and threat), though.

Q: What about the Glyph of Mend Pet?
A: The Glyph of Mend Pet, which used to increase your pet's happiness when you used Mend Pet, has changed into the Glyph of Lesser Proportion, which makes your pet slightly smaller.

Q: Do pets still need to eat?
A: Pets don't need to eat, but if you feed them they will instantly heal 50% of their health. (This can't be done in combat, and just like before you need the right type of food for your pet's diet.)

8 New Looks

Patch 4.1 added yet more new pet looks to tame!
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Ice Saber CatIce Saber Cat White Saber CatWhite Saber Cat Brown Ant SilithidBrown Ant Silithid Green Ant SilithidGreen Ant Silithid
Purple Ant SilithidPurple Ant Silithid Blue WaspBlue Wasp Orange WaspOrange Wasp Purple WaspPurple Wasp