174 New Pet Looks Since the Cataclysm

This is a list of all the new pet looks added since the Cataclysm that are available for hunters to tame.

See only the new looks from: Patch 4.0.6 | Patch 4.1 | Patch 4.2 | Patch 4.3

Diseased Brown BearDiseased Brown Bear Diseased Grey BearDiseased Grey Bear Black BeetleBlack Beetle Blue BeetleBlue Beetle
Green BeetleGreen Beetle Orange BeetleOrange Beetle Purple BeetlePurple Beetle Red BeetleRed Beetle
White BeetleWhite Beetle Yellow BeetleYellow Beetle Blue-Green Scarab BeetleBlue-Green Scarab Beetle Brown Scarab BeetleBrown Scarab Beetle
Dark Blue Scarab BeetleDark Blue Scarab Beetle Green & Red Scarab BeetleGreen & Red Scarab Beetle Light Blue Scarab BeetleLight Blue Scarab Beetle Purple-Red Scarab BeetlePurple-Red Scarab Beetle
Ghostly Green OwlGhostly Green Owl Purple OwlPurple Owl Spectral OwlSpectral Owl Light Brown EagleLight Brown Eagle
Dark Red ParrotDark Red Parrot Green & Red ParrotGreen & Red Parrot Green & Yellow ParrotGreen & Yellow Parrot Grey ParrotGrey Parrot
Purple ParrotPurple Parrot Red ParrotRed Parrot White ParrotWhite Parrot Armored Brown Ghost BoarArmored Brown Ghost Boar
Black & Green FelboarBlack & Green Felboar Blue & White FelboarBlue & White Felboar Grey & Orange FelboarGrey & Orange Felboar Red & Black FelboarRed & Black Felboar
Yellow & Black FelboarYellow & Black Felboar White VultureWhite Vulture Gold Condor (Carrion Bird)Gold Condor (Carrion Bird) Ghostly Blue Two-Headed VultureGhostly Blue Two-Headed Vulture
Two-headed Blue VultureTwo-headed Blue Vulture Two-Headed Green VultureTwo-Headed Green Vulture Two-Headed Yellow VulturesTwo-Headed Yellow Vultures Green Striped CatGreen Striped Cat
Black Saber CatBlack Saber Cat Dark Striped Saber CatDark Striped Saber Cat Ice Saber CatIce Saber Cat Orange Striped Saber CatOrange Striped Saber Cat
White Saber CatWhite Saber Cat White Spotted Saber CatWhite Spotted Saber Cat White Striped Saber CatWhite Striped Saber Cat Maned LionManed Lion
Hunched Black CatHunched Black Cat Hunched Black Gem CatHunched Black Gem Cat Hunched Brown CatHunched Brown Cat Hunched Orange Striped CatHunched Orange Striped Cat
Hunched White Spotted CatHunched White Spotted Cat Hunched White Striped CatHunched White Striped Cat Beige ChimaeraBeige Chimaera Green ChimaeraGreen Chimaera
White Armored ChimaeraWhite Armored Chimaera Yellow Armored ChimaeraYellow Armored Chimaera Blue RhinoBlue Rhino DrakeadonDrakeadon
Yellow & Green Core HoundYellow & Green Core Hound Gem CrabGem Crab Black Spiked CrabBlack Spiked Crab Black w/Blue Spiked CrabBlack w/Blue Spiked Crab
Black w/Purple Spiked CrabBlack w/Purple Spiked Crab Blue Spiked CrabBlue Spiked Crab Blue w/Purple Spiked CrabBlue w/Purple Spiked Crab Green Spiked CrabGreen Spiked Crab
Green w/Blue Spiked CrabGreen w/Blue Spiked Crab Orange Spiked CrabOrange Spiked Crab Red Spiked CrabRed Spiked Crab Blue Cataclysm CrocoliskBlue Cataclysm Crocolisk
Brown Cataclysm CrocoliskBrown Cataclysm Crocolisk Green Cataclysm CrocoliskGreen Cataclysm Crocolisk Purple Cataclysm CrocoliskPurple Cataclysm Crocolisk White Cataclysm CrocoliskWhite Cataclysm Crocolisk
Black MastiffBlack Mastiff Brown MastiffBrown Mastiff Grey MastiffGrey Mastiff Red MastiffRed Mastiff
Blue Demon DogBlue Demon Dog Ghostly Grey Demon DogGhostly Grey Demon Dog Ghostly White Demon DogGhostly White Demon Dog Grey Demon DogGrey Demon Dog
Purple Demon DogPurple Demon Dog Red Demon DogRed Demon Dog Blue Runed Demon DogBlue Runed Demon Dog Green Runed Demon DogGreen Runed Demon Dog
Red Runed Demon DogRed Runed Demon Dog Blue DragonhawkBlue Dragonhawk Yellow DragonhawkYellow Dragonhawk Black FoxBlack Fox
Brown FoxBrown Fox Grey FoxGrey Fox Red FoxRed Fox White FoxWhite Fox
Black MonkeyBlack Monkey Brown MonkeyBrown Monkey Dark Grey MonkeyDark Grey Monkey Grey MonkeyGrey Monkey
Grey MothGrey Moth Gold Nether RayGold Nether Ray Blue Spiked RaptorBlue Spiked Raptor Blue & Purple RavagerBlue & Purple Ravager
Green & Blue RavagerGreen & Blue Ravager Green & Orange RavagerGreen & Orange Ravager Orange & Purple RavagerOrange & Purple Ravager Red & Green RavagerRed & Green Ravager
Red & Purple RavagerRed & Purple Ravager Grey ScorpidGrey Scorpid Black Armored ScorpionBlack Armored Scorpion Blue Armored ScorpionBlue Armored Scorpion
Brown Armored ScorpionBrown Armored Scorpion Green Armored ScorpionGreen Armored Scorpion Red Armored ScorpionRed Armored Scorpion Green SerpentGreen Serpent
Red SerpentRed Serpent Violet SerpentViolet Serpent Green Shale SpiderGreen Shale Spider Orange Shale SpiderOrange Shale Spider
Purple Shale SpiderPurple Shale Spider Red Shale SpiderRed Shale Spider Blue Silithid ColossusBlue Silithid Colossus Damaged Purple Silithid ColossusDamaged Purple Silithid Colossus
Orange Silithid ColossusOrange Silithid Colossus Pink Silithid ColossusPink Silithid Colossus Purple Silithid ColossusPurple Silithid Colossus Brown Ant SilithidBrown Ant Silithid
Green Ant SilithidGreen Ant Silithid Purple Ant SilithidPurple Ant Silithid Tan Ant SilithidTan Ant Silithid Purple SpiderPurple Spider
Green Fire SpiderGreen Fire Spider Orange Fire SpiderOrange Fire Spider Purple Fire SpiderPurple Fire Spider Red Fire SpiderRed Fire Spider
Yellow Fire SpiderYellow Fire Spider Black Bone SpiderBlack Bone Spider Brown Bone SpiderBrown Bone Spider Dark Grey Bone SpiderDark Grey Bone Spider
Red Bone SpiderRed Bone Spider Green Ghost OwlGreen Ghost Owl Spectral Spiked CrabSpectral Spiked Crab Blue Spectral Saber TigerBlue Spectral Saber Tiger
Green Spectral Saber TigerGreen Spectral Saber Tiger Spectral WolfSpectral Wolf Ancient Fire TurtleAncient Fire Turtle Ancient Sea TurtleAncient Sea Turtle
Blue Warp StalkerBlue Warp Stalker Green Warp StalkerGreen Warp Stalker Red Warp StalkerRed Warp Stalker Black WaspBlack Wasp
Blue WaspBlue Wasp Copper WaspCopper Wasp Green WaspGreen Wasp Orange WaspOrange Wasp
Purple WaspPurple Wasp Red WaspRed Wasp Tan WaspTan Wasp White WaspWhite Wasp
Yellow WaspYellow Wasp Blue & Red Boss WaspBlue & Red Boss Wasp Green & Red Boss WaspGreen & Red Boss Wasp Orange Boss WaspOrange Boss Wasp
Grey Spiked Wind SerpentGrey Spiked Wind Serpent Brown WorgBrown Worg Dark Brown WorgDark Brown Worg Ghost Grey WolfGhost Grey Wolf
Blue WormBlue Worm Pink WormPink Worm Black JormungarBlack Jormungar Blue JormungarBlue Jormungar
Green JormungarGreen Jormungar White JormungarWhite Jormungar